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The Surprise | gizmo69 | 7


"Umm..." you say, meekly. The situation is surreal and has completely thrown your ability to form coherent sentences "...I, uh, I'm not sure if my...little man is quite up to it."

"Nonsense!" snaps Jo. "If there's one thing I remember from my school days, it's that young men like you can always get hard. You just need the right...persuasion." Jo eyes you as she says this. Your thick cum glistens on her face and tits.

"I don't know, Mum," says April, "looks like he's losing his hard-on."

"You saying I can't get him hard again?" says Jo, turning back to April. Again, you are met with the feeling that you're not actually there.

"I guess I am," replies April.

Jo grins at her daughter. "Would you like to make a bet on it?"


What kind of bet?

          You're caught in the middle.


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