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Naruto's World | majus | 9


Tsunade awoken with terrible headache. Then she noticed something - she couldn't see. It took her a while, due to hangover, to recognise that she was blindfolded. Second she noticed that she was bonded as well. She recognised that her ankles had been bound to steel pole and forced her legs spread apart. Her knees were bound in similar way to second steel pole, spreading her legs further apart. Her hands were cuffed behind her back. Considering she couldn't use chakra they were probably chakra suppression cuffs. Her mouth was kept open by ring-gag. Her mouth was stuffed with dildo. She was lying on her back. Her clothes were as she left them. That means she hadn't her underwear on, she had her latex dress but it was unzipped. She could practically be naked, there wouldn't be much difference.

She listened for a moment.

“I see you awakened”

She recognised Shizune's voice. She tensed.

'It looks like our positions switched, damn me and my alcohol addiction' Tsunade thought.

Then she noticed it, her pussy's, ass, mouth and breast itching.

“I see you noticed it. I treated you with some of my medicine. It will make you itch. It might be not as effective as your medicine, but it will do it's work, I'm sure you will soon figure out what is the medicine I applied you with. For next few hours you will suffer the same fate you left me to. You will beg to satisfy your needs and listen as I fuck right before you my new master.”

For next few hours, unable to move Tsunade could only moan and salivate. She heard entire time as Shizune was fucked – that didn't help her at all. What's worse she couldn't cum. Damn Shizune put medicine on her, 'Virgin's Lust'. She recognised medicine, it allowed to cum only if applied with second part of medicine, 'Virgin's Scream'. She could be fucked by thousand man and not cum, but if a finger with second part of medicine was put in her, her orgasm would be great. What's worse the longer she doesn't orgasm the greater her orgasm will be when 'Virgin's Scream' will be applied to her. That medicine was created to break kunoichi into breeding stock. Her own medicine 'Tree's touch' allowed something similar to mind control, while that medicine that was applied to her was used to change women into stupid sex-crazed bitches.

'That isn't good' Tsunade thought. 'I need release soon or I will break.'

“Wake, wake. It's time for your meal.” Shizune stated as she removed her blindfold.

Tsunade then saw the her captor.


Who is her captor?



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