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Naruto's World | majus | 8


5 hours later Tsunade sat sipping wine and watching Shizune moaning while lying in pool of her sweat and juices. Shizune was barely keeping sane. Tsunade's clone – under henge – returned half hour ago with alcohol and glasses... for seventh time. She has already filled a cup of whine with her juices and forced it down Shizune's throat. Now she was now furiously masturbating to satisfy her lust.

She came furiously after some time.

Deciding that she had not enough she created and sent another clone for alcohol. After sometime she heard knocking to door. She got up to open it not even bothering to close the slider of her dress, due to alcohol.

Opening door she said:

“You better have brought something strong...”

She didn't managed to finish the sentence as something striken her hard in stomach. Alcohol made her sloppy. She didn't even manage to see who attacked her as she felt strike to her neck. She slowly descendent into darkness.


What happened to her?

          Feed with medicine


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