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I Dream of Jeannie | CarterRyan | 10


Mary Tyler Moore suddenly appears in your kitchen. She's 28 years old and in the midst of taping an episode for the fifth and final season of the Dick Van Dyke Show. She has short brown hair and eyes, is 5'7", and has a lithe dancer's body. She's wearing her character's trademark Capri pants.

Mary stops mid-sentence as she realizes that she's no longer on the set of the Dick Van Dyke Show. She looks at Tony in his blue Air Force uniform and Jeannie in her pink harem outfit and asks;
"Who are you?"

"I'm Captain Tony Nelson and this is Jeannie. She's a genie and she brought you here to my house."

"Yeah, right", Mary says incredulously. She looks around and shouts;
"Dick! Carl! Morey! What kind of weird practical joke is this?"

"This isn't a joke, Mary. In fact, they're probably wondering where you are right now."

"Where am I exactly?"

"Cocoa Beach, Florida."

"So the blonde is a genie named Jeannie and she zapped me from California to Florida? One minute I'm in Hollywood, she twinkles her nose, and then I'm in Cocoa Beach?"

"No, I blinked", Jeannie says.

"Of course. How silly of me", Mary says rolling her eyes.

You take Mary's hand in yours and kiss it. Then you looks into her eyes, attempting to use your entrancement power for the first time and say;
"Mary, you're here because I asked Jeannie to bring you here. You're my honored guest, and I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here. But if you insist, I'll have Jeannie return you to your set right now."

Do you succeed in entrancing Mary?


Is Mary entranced?


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