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Naruto's World | majus | 7



Shizune looked hopefully on Tsunade. She removed her's panties and bra.

“If you will manage to make me cum.”

Shizune was about to object when Tsunade caught her nipple and squeezed it hard making her squeal in pain and cum. Tsunade waited until she recovered and brought Shizune's face to her pussy.

“Your decision?”

After few seconds Shizune extended her tongue and started liking her mistress's pussy. After a while Tsunade got frustrated, Shizune may have sincerely wanted for her torture to stop but she was definitely unskilled in her actions. Tsunade got tired with it. She moved to bottles with medicines and preformed few signs. Her clit changed into 3 inches thick and 10 inches long penis. She took one of the medicines and applied it to her new body part. Shizune was to busy cumming to even notice what was happening.

Tsunade moved to her and forced her penis into her throat. She had forced a blowjob until she came after few minutes then released her. Shizune coughing fell to ground. She breathed heavily for some time. Even though her throat have been raped, she came more times she could count.

'She's starting to enjoy rape. Tsunade thought with mirth 'The medicine will take effect after some time but when it does she will become my slave.'

“You didn't swallow all” she spoken with threat making Shizune flinch. She started licking the cum she have coughed.

Tsunade smiled 'She doesn't even resist anymore'

“Rise your ass high.”

Shizune complied. Tsunade reapplied the medicine on her penis, got behind her student and started raping her ass. When she came she made sure that Shizune cleaned all she cum from floor then forced her to clean her penis. When her student was finished she stated satisfied.

“Good job. I guess as a reward I will grant you your request now.”

She applied one of her medicines to Shizune's pussy then preformed series of signs. When she was done she place ball-gag into her mouth. Then spread her knees and bound them to iron rod. Shizune looked at her with relief but soon realisation struck and she looked at Tsunade with horror in her eyes. Tsunade noticed her eyes.

“Don't look on me with those eyes. I only granted you your wish. You will not cum for next 8 hours...” She smiled evilly “But the sexual tension in you body will grow. No mater what you do there will be no release. I wonder how long you will stay saint?”

Shizune started to struggle, but she had no strength.

Tsunade sat comfortably in armchair.

'Now I only have to wait for this time to pass. Then I will rape her pussy to brake her... if there will be anything left to break. I already imprinted myself in her mouth and ass. I could do her pussy sooner but after waiting for so much time the effect of medicine will be stronger. When it's done her body will be tuned to my, it will create devotion and imitation of love. She will experience physical pain for disobeying my commands and pleasure for obeying them. One my word and she will cum or roll in pain. Even my facial expression or thought would do at some point, but the medicine is still not at that stage I have to improve it. Even when I will it will take time to do proper conditioning... I wonder if waited long enough I could kill her with one word... No , she has greater value alive, I have no use of her dead.'

She looked at convulsing Shizune.

'Now I have eight hours of waiting.'


Does she succeed?

          Someone interrupts


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