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Hazy Days | twizted77 | 4


You just have to get out of this room. You pick up the panties and look at them for a moment. You're pretty sure they aren't yours. You hold them to your face and smell the familiar odor of pussy. So a woman has worn them recently, but she isn't here. Where did she go?

There is no time to waste. You slide the thong up, and it fits perfectly. The little silk patch touches the head of your cock and suddenly you feel it start to grow. You feel a little embarassed and ashamed to be aroused by putting on women's underware, but you still feel like you need to go. You pick up the bra. The woman it belonged to hadn't had large breasts, and so there was a little extra padding built into it. You quickly slide it on and then step into the dress. It's short and tight. If not for your erection it would have fit you perfectly.

On the ground by the chair you see a brown wig and decide, what the hell. If you're going to be running around in a dress, at least you can try to pass for a woman.

You hurry back to the bathroom to check yourself, and you're astounded. If you didn't know better you would have thought you were a woman.

Time to get moving.


What do you do now?

          Finish the coke.

          Get the hell out of this room.

          I'm going back to bed. I can't deal with this now.


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