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Hazy Days | twizted77 | 3


Of course not ever guy is lucky enough to be born with a giant cock. You were one of the unlucky ones. Your penis is tiny. You tell yourself that it'll be a lot bigger when its hard, but you know thats a lie. At best you've got a three inch cock when its rock hard. In some distant memory you can remember being made fun of...but you push that away. There are more important matters to attend to. Like who you are and how you got here.

You climb out of bed and for just a moment you stand there. The room is cold and your tiny cock seems to shrivel even more when the air hits it.

You woke up in a strange hotel room with cocain and can't remember how you got here. You feel the sudden urge to get out of here before something bad happens. The idea could be silly, but its a very strong feeling. You decide that maybe you'd better listen to your instincts.

You hurry into the bathroom and see your reflection in the mirror. You're not a bad looking guy. You're hair is a mess and you look like you've been up for days, but otherwise you're pretty good on the eyes. You think that you wouldn't have any trouble picking up the ladies. Or is it men? You can't even remember your sexual preference.

You quickly scan the bathroom but the only thing you see in an old, wet towel laying in the floor. You hurry back into the other room, but the only thing you find there is the womens clothing laying on the floor.

If you're going to leave the room, you need to cover up with something.


What do you do?

          Put on the dress

          I'm going back to bed. I can't deal with this now.


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