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Hazy Days | twizted77 | 1


You open your eyes in a dark room with no idea how you got there. Vaguely that reminds of a game you played once, but you push the thought out of your head. You glance frantically around the room, searching for any clue to where you are or how you got here. The last thing you remember is....

The fact is you can't remember anything. Memories flicker through your mind like shadows, always staying just outside your grasp. Faces that almost seem familiar and places that you think you've been to before, but nothing you can say for certain is a valid memory. Your heart rate picks up and your breathing quickins, you're on the verge of a panic attack.

On the nightstand next to the bed is a mirror, and on it the left overs from a line of coke that someone has snorted. Was it you? You can't remember, but part of you thinks that might be right. You seem to recall someone giving you a lecture on drug abuse recently, telling you that it was going to "ruin your life."

It seems that the speaker might have known whay they were talking about.

You set up in bed, holding the covers tightly against you. The room you're in is clearly a hotel room, and not a very nice one. The bare bulb of a floor lamp blazing in one corner, giving you just enough light to look around the room, which is pretty bare. Besides the bed and the nightstand, there is very little to see. An ancient television is bolted down to an old metal tv stand in front of the bed, and an overturned chair lays in front of the door. Scattered around the chair are a few discarded items of clothes; a pair of thong panties, a purple dress and a bra.

Nothing about the clothes seem familiar. In fact, you suddenly can't even recall if you're a man or a woman. Frantically you throw the covers back and look down at your own body.


Are you male or female?

          Male of course.....duh

          a woman, how could you ask that?


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