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Blowjob Universe | Purveyor_of_Sin | 30


"Hey!" shouted a loud voice right behind him, making David jump. The effect caused urine to splatter all over his already grungy sweatpants.

"Fuck!" David cursed as he was forced to stop his urinating. The oaf turned around to see a very hot but irate looking policewoman. She had short brown hair under her hat and a fantastic looking body under the dark blue police uniform. Her pretty face was scrunched up in a disgusted frown while her dark green eyes were flashing with anger.

"What the hell are you doing?" the annoyed cop yelled, pointing at the puddle of pee in the middle of the street. "What are you doing pissing in the middle of the street, you moron? Are you a savage? Were you raised in the woods?"

David was only half listening as he was currently staring at the policewoman's huge rack. They had to be at least a D cup, with how the melons pushed out the blue fabric of her uniform so much. If he were more intelligent he would have noticed that her badge said "Girl City Police Department" on it, but since he had the mind of a retarded gorilla he totally missed that little detail.

"Hey, asshole! Stop staring at my tits!" The cop's voice snapped him out of his boob staring and he looked up to see her face looking even more pissed off than it was before. "Now then, get the fuck out of here, you disgusting bum!"

"Huh?" David asked, ever the eloquent conversationalist.

"Fucking moron," the cop sighed, rubbing at the bridge of her nose. "I ain't gonna tell you again, jackass. Do NOT piss in the street! It's against the law!"

"Oh." David said while scratching his balls.


What does our intrepid hero do now?

          Laws were meant to be followed.


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