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Tsunade didn't move as Shizune struggled in her binds trying to scream through gag. She only smiled – which didn't exactly have a calming effect on her captive.

Finally she decided to speak.

“Well it's about time for it to lose effect.”

Shizune looked on her confused.

“Oh... have you forgotten about our kiss?” Tsunade licked her lips. “I have given you a strong aphrodisiac. When you were unconscious I have applied suppressant to your body. But it was only temporary.”

Shizune eyes grew wide.

Tsunade smirked.

“Yes, it's about to wear off.”

Tsunade already started seeing the effects of drug on Shizune's body taking effect. It's just that Shizune was to busy trying to free herself to notice them. But now it hit her with full effect.

Soon she wasn't struggling against bonds to free herself but to satisfy herself. Unfortunately with cuffs on she couldn't reach her' pussy.

Tsunade observed her struggle for next few minutes. She had actually small orgasm when she watched her students plight. Her student had many small orgasms but none was satisfying. For another hour she watched her student struggle. Shizune' entire body was covered in sweat, she was lying in pool of her own cum, sweat and pussy juices. She was rubbing her legs and trying to cum, even through it didn't have much of an effect. The desire could be seen in her eyes.

This, Tsunade decided, was time to act.

She pinched Shizunes' nipple. To Shizune effect was slight pain, dulled by pleasure as Shizune cummed strongly from slight touch. For next 15 minutes she was massaged, pinched and even slapped by Tsunade – all those actions resulting in her strongly cumming. She was going insane from almost constant orgasms. After that time Tsunade removed her gag.

“Oh... Please... no more... I'm... breaking... Hhh” Shizune plea was stopped when Tsunade deep-kissed her.

“Shh.” Tsunade said to her once she broken off the kiss.

“Shizune” Tsunade called to get her captive, who was still besotted, attention. “Shizune. Now listen to me and think carefully. Do you want me to stop you from cumming?”

“Ye... Hi... Yes.. I... will go insane... if you... don't st..Hii!!!” She cummed “Stop it.”

Tsunade smiled and continued.

“Are you absolutely sure? No mater the consequences? Will you do anything to stop cumming?”


“Absolutely anything?”

“Yess... please...”

Tsunade smirked.


Tsunade' next action

          She listens to her student... eventually


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