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“Shizune!” Tsunade yelled.

“Yes” Shizune tensed.

“We are going back to hotel!” Tsunade declared.

“Yes, Tsunade-sama!” Shizune answered, happy, that her mentor at last decided to take on some action. She only could hope that this time it will be something that will keep them away form troubles.

Tsunade and Shizune made their way to hotel. Tsunade was in deep thought considering her next move. When they entered their room Tsunade said:
“Shizune, I will tell you something of great importance about our future actions.” At this Shizune gulped and started wonder what did her mentor came up with. It was unusual for her to be that serious. “I will preform silence-jutsu and you in mean time check if there’s anyone in our room”

“Yes Tsunade-sama” – was Shizune's reply.

As they entered theirs hotel room , Tsunade put 'don't disturb' sign on the door. As Shizune started scanning room for any unwanted guests, Tsunade closed the door and preformed silence-jutsu. As she was done she turned to Shizune.

“OK. We can get started” Tsuande, cupped Shizune's chin.


To Shizune's surprise Tsunade kissed her and at the same time put hand on her breast and squeezed it, making her yelp. Young medic was to shocked to react in any kind of manner as Tsunade made her swallow medicine she had in her mouth. Shizune fell to her knees as drug started working making her arousal sky rocket. Shizune was in shock, but had enough will not to start masturbating.

As she was trying to regain control of her body, Tsunade knocked her out and took out scrolls with clothes and tools sealed inside them.

After making sure that she was unconscious Tsunade removed Shizune' clothes. She made sure to remove any and all poisons and weapons from under her' skin, from her mouth, hair, ass and pussy. After that she cuffed her hands behind her back with chakra suppressing cuffs and placed chakra suppressing seal on her. Finally she put ball-gag in her mouth. She took a specific medicine from scroll and applied it to Shizune. After that her body calmed down.

Then she changed her clothes into more fitting ones. She put on black lingerie panties and bra, black garter belt with black stockings, black thigh-boots which she connected to second suspender belt and black long latex gloves. On that she put red latex dress with slider in front.

'Normally I wouldn't bother with wearing that but psychological element is important. Damn, this is uncomfortable.' Tsunade thought. She didn't have latex fetish but it was important to build a proper image.

She looked on Shizune and thought for a moment. She decided to put on her black thigh-boots connected to suspender belt and black long latex gloves.

'With this her privates will be exhibited. She will be more embarrassed than if she was completely naked.' Tsunade thought as she put the cuffs back on her assistant.

She went to her medical scrolls and took out the appropriate medicines – mostly strong aphrodisiacs, ropes, bondage gear and interrogation tools. She send created hers Kage Bunshin and send it to reception (only after it henged into her normal clothes) to talk to personnel of hotel to make sure that none will interrupt her in next three days. That much time should suffice for start. After moment she received memories from hers dispelled clone. With that her preparations were complete.

She took smelling salts and brought them to Shizune' face. Soon she started to regain conciousness. It took Shizune a while to become fully aware, with awareness came panic as she became aware of her partial nakedness. When she tried to move the she noticed the cuffs, she tried to break them but with her chakra suppressed she wasn't able to. Then she noticed Tsunade. She wanted to call to her but all words died in her mouth. She looked startled as she looked at Tsunade.

'Yup, psychological warfare -success.' thought Tsunade as she smiled abjectly.

“I see that you regained conciousness, that's good.” Tsunade spoke “Now, I don't like lengthy speeches so I will cut to the chase.”

She grabbed Shizune by her hair. Her eyes went wide with fear.

“Every time I look at you I remember Dan. You're a constant reminder of what I lost and constant source of my pain. When I thought about our financial problems I came up with solution to both problems – lack of cash and you.” Tsunade smiled wickedly “I will train you as a sex slave and sell you. That way I get the cash and get rid off you.”

“Mhmm!” – Shizune tried to speak through her gag as her eyes went wide with horror.

“Who knows, if you become obedient enough and impress me I just might keep you as my plaything with side job of being prostitute to make cash for us”

At this Shizune struggled with cuffs and screamed through gag.


What does Tsunade do?

          She waits


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