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A Boy at a Girls School | kendahl6969 | 6


"Very well, Gina. Get over here!" the twenty-five year old beauty shouts to the girl who had called from the pool.

Looking to Miss Silverton to see her reaction, you can't help but notice the Phys. Ed. teacher's naked breasts bobbing as she waves the unseen caller out of the pool. Another surge of blood swells your foam-slathered prick.

You feel your erecting cock drop from 's hand and look down. The pretty platinum blonde doesn't look too happy as she looks to the source of the call.

You follow her withering glance to the chlorinated froth at pool's edge to see a petite redhead with full, pouty lips and a big smile grab onto the chrome bars and pull herself out of the pool.

You hear laughter as the girls surrounding you see your cock go to full erection before them. But you don't care. Walking towards you, eager to take over the job of shaving your sex, is a living centerfold.

You feel 's heated glare turn on you as you continue to stare at the voluptuous beauty dripping water to the slippery tiles below her. She may not be found in one of your dad's Playboys, but could certainly grace the centrefold of his more dog-eared 'Bazzoomz'.

You hear quietly mutter to Miss Silverton, "Don't you think those things might get in the way?"


Will they?

          gets out of hand.

          In a good way


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