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Curse | 2p1k3 | 18


The scene was all happening so fast that Tina could barely think straight. Bobby appears at the door of her room. Then she finds herself leaning in, as he gropes her right tit. Somehow, she looses her panties as she is steadily pushed back up against her window ledge.

Panting out like a bitch in heat, “Bobby… wait.!.” Tina barely realizes she is the one even saying anything.

Tina can scarcely believe herself as she reveals her most private thoughts to her brother. Then his response is suggesting that she let him ride her hard and roughly against the window pane.

Moaning with a sexual hunger that Tina has never known before, “uuuunnneeehhh” Bobby drives his massive cudgel into her center. The pain from her ruptured hymn barely registers in her mind. The same mind that screams that her beloved brother did not wait and just took her innocence.

For Bobby his sister’s cunt is heaven on Earth. Tina’s virgin tight vagina squeezed his baby cannon so hard he almost came right there and then. His pause lets her abdomen adjust to his massive organ thrust up into her. The aethereal presence in the house continually insisting on them to fuck each other harder

Lightly resisting Bobby’s advances Tina presses on his shoulders with her delicate feminine teenage hands, “Bbbooobbbyyy…” grunts and pants filled with contentment reverberate from her bosom. “Please… stop… this is wrong…”


How does Bobby respond? How does he fuck her? Rough? or Tender and Considerate?

          Not In This Lifetime


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