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Abruptly wanting incest! | ClockworkBanana | 1


Hunter Rush woke up one morning in his bedroom to the sound of his mother yelling at him from downstairs to come down and eat breakfast.

Hunter yawned, and then got out of bed to put his clothes on. As he was doing so, he admired himself in the mirror for a moment. He was the perfect stud, with muscles all over his body and the most handsome face imaginable. People always told him that he was like Brad Pitt if Brad Pitt was ten times more attractive and awesome.

Today was Hunter’s 18th birthday, to get around website age restrictions. He was especially excited because this meant that he could be attracted to his older sister, Jessica. Jessica was 20, but still lived at home for some contrived reason. He had never thought about her sexually before, but now that it was the morning of his 18th birthday, he suddenly realized that she was attractive and he probably wanted to have sexual intercourse with her.

Hunter slowly walked downstairs and joined the rest of his family as they sat around to eat waffles. Wait, no, actually they were eating bananas, because those were more sexually suggestive even if it doesn’t make sense to eat bananas and nothing else for breakfast. Or better yet, Jessica and his mother were eating bananas suggestively while Hunter and his father ate waffles or pancakes or some other normal food. Yes, that was it.

“Hello, brother,” his sister Jessica said to him as he came down, “I’m so glad you could join us.”

Hunter watched Jessica eat a banana in a suggestive way that reminded him of her performing fellatio on a penis. He started to have a huge boner, so he adjusted his giant unrealistic 13 inch cock so that no one would notice.

Jessica was the perfect woman, she looked like a super model. She looked just like Kate Upton, only if Kate Upton had a prettier face, bigger tits, and a more shapely ass. He couldn’t believe how attractive she was and how much he suddenly wanted to have sexual intercourse with her.

Suddenly their father rose from the table. “Well, children,” he said as he addressed them, “your mother and I have to leave town for a few days due to some sort of plot convenience. I trust that the two of you will not have sexual intercourse while we are gone, because you are brother and sister and that is wrong, and we would never suspect it. In any case, see you in a few days.”

Their parents left as Hunter and Jessica said goodbye. Suddenly, they had the house to themselves. Jessica went up to her room, and Hunter waited a bit before going upstairs and knocking on her door.

“Come in,” Jessica said as Hunter walked in and closed the door behind him as she was combing her hair.

“Hello, sis. Do you mind if I exclusively refer to you as ‘sis’ or ‘sister,’ despite the fact that no one really calls their sister that in real life?”

“Of course I don’t mind, brother. Now tell me, what is it that you want?”

“Well, sister,” Hunter said, “since today is my 18th birthday, I have suddenly discovered that I find you sexually attractive and would like to have intercourse with you.”

“Brother, that is a terrible thing to say,” she replied. “Although I obviously want the same thing, I am now obligated to put up a token amount of resistance before we eventually engage in such an act.”

“Now is the part where I say a cheesy romantic line to persuade you to have intercourse with me.”

“Oh Hunter, you have immediately broken down my resistance. Please have intercourse with me right now.”

Hunter walked over and Jessica began to suck his dick. As his dick entered her sweet mouth, he felt like he was placing it inside a land of marshmallows and sunshine. He then took off her clothes and his, and they began to engage in some other rushed foreplay that the author only put in because they wanted the sex scenes to be more realistic even though they only cared about the actual fucking.

“Now that we have engaged in enough foreplay to make the scene realistic, please insert yourself in me so we can have sexual intercourse, brother,” Jessica asked him as she lay down on the bed with her legs spread.

“I will of course do that, sister,” Hunter responded as he moved his cock into his sister’s pussy and began to rock back and forth. “I have decided not to wear a condom because this is fantasy and it makes it more erotic for the reader, despite the fact that anyone who has sexual intercourse with a relative would of course use protection.”

Hunter continued to move his dick in and out of her pussy. Eventually he remembered something. “Listen, sister,” he said, “I forgot to ask, are you still a virgin up until this point?”

“Oh yes, that’s right, I almost forgot,” Jessica responded, “I am still a virgin despite being an unrealistically attractive 20 year old woman. Please enjoy the flow of blood from my hymen as you have the honor of taking my cherry, even though someone my age would have realistically at least used a vibrator by this point.”

Hunter was enjoying the feeling of the two of them losing their virginity together. He began to play with her tits. Jessica moved like a gazelle, if a gazelle looked like a hot woman with large breasts. They moved into a doggy-style position, and he played with her large (and natural, of course) breasts as he entered her from behind.

“Oh, my dear brother,” Jessica cried out, “I am so happy we are engaging in this. Your penis is so large. It is much larger than any other man I have been with before.”

“Wait, I thought you were supposed to be a virgin.”

“Oh right, I forgot for a moment. Yes, you are the first person I have ever had relations with. I have been saving myself for someone special and deep down I knew that person was my own brother.”

“Of course, you didn’t realize that until the day of my 18th birthday, which is today.”

“Yes, of course.”

Hunter continued to pump in to her from behind, when the door burst open all of the sudden. It was their mother!

“Hello children, I have come back momentarily because I have forgotten some item that I needed for our trip. Oh good heavens, what on earth is going on between you two?” their mother said as she watched them.

“Mother, please leave,” Jessica replied. “This is the part of the story where brother and I are first discovering our feelings for each other and having intercourse for the first time. The part where you catch us and decide to join in for a threesome instead of being horrified and giving us counseling like a normal mother would does not happen until later in the story.”

“My apologies,” their mother replied, “I momentarily forgot that it was Hunter’s 18th birthday, and that obviously meant that he would inexplicably discover his sexual desire for his sister.”

Their mother left as Hunter continued to engage in sexual intercourse with Jessica. “I am about to ejaculate and unleash semen from my penis. Where do you desire for me to place the aforementioned semen?” Hunter asked her.

“Despite the obvious repercussions, you should finish inside of my vagina to make it more erotic,” Jessica replied. Hunter complied with her request.

After finishing inside her, Hunter laid in bed with his sister. “That was amazing, I am so glad we could lose our virginity to each other, because that is natural and normal and neither of us have any guilt or regret.”

“I agree,” Jessica replied. “Obviously you must have gotten me pregnant, when I reveal that I am pregnant, should we try to conceal the truth or should we come out with it and have everyone we are in contact with inexplicably be okay with it because they realize it’s true love?”

“We’ll deal with that when the time comes,” Hunter responded as he kissed her on the lips in an attempt to show that this story is romantic and not just about hardcore sex.


In an enormous underground fortress somewhere beneath Kentucky, former pop star Donny Osmond sat in a large control center.

Donny was watching nearly two dozen screens and monitors, taking as many notes as he could. Hard work, but someone had to do it. He contemplated taking the elevator upstairs for a cigarette break. He was getting low on energy – he would probably have to call his sister Marie to come in from her room and give him a quick blowjob. But she had just done that two hours ago, he didn’t want to exhaust her.

Donny continued to take notes when all of the sudden a loud alarm sounded, and the red sirens went off in the base.

“WARNING! WARNING! INCEST ALERT! INCEST ALERT!” the alarm blared over the loudspeakers.

Donny was shocked awake. “What? Who? Where?” he asked as he composed himself.

Marie ran in from the other room, dressed in her nightgown. “What’s going on, Donny?” she asked.

“The incest alert is sounding,” Donny responded. “We need more information. Chip, get in here!”

Their robot butler, Chip, suddenly wheeled into the room, flailing his mechanical arms up and down. “Aye-yi-yi-yi! The incest alert is on full blast!”

“Chip, you need to calm down,” Donny responded. “Who are you talking about, and where is it happening?”

“According to reports, an insanely attractive pair of siblings has consummated their relationship in Suburbantown, USA!”

“Have they? Onscreen,” Donny responded.

Donny turned towards the screen and was rewarded with video footage of quite possibly the hottest couple he had ever seen. “This is unbelievable, sis,” he said to Marie, “just look at that sister, she looks like Kate Upton if only she was even hotter.”

“I know what you’re saying, bro,” Marie responded, “that guy looks like Brad Pitt, if only Brad Pitt was ten times more attractive and awesome.”

Donny turned towards his sister with a mixture of hopefulness and wonder in his eyes. “Sister, do you think, maybe…they could be the chosen ones?”

“Seems like they have a shot,” Marie responded. “We’ll have to visit them first, and then present them before the rest of the council to see what they think.”

“Only one choice, then,” Donny responded. “We have to go get them. Make haste, to the incest mobile!”


What are they being called for?


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