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Just this one time | grayoldfart | 2


They pumped their fists and chose their "weapon": Lois came up with rock and Bob with scissors. They smiled, then laughed nervously.

"Okay," Bob said, standing and pulling out a few bills for the table. "Let's go say hi ... and see what kind of a woman we've chosen."

Lois laughed, causing Bob to look at her with a raised eyebrow. She leaned in and said, "I can't believe I am sitting in a bar, picking out a beautiful woman for my husband to have sex with, and ... now ... going to her WITH him to introduce them to one another."

"You seem to be forgetting something my dear," he said, standing and giving her a hand up. When she rose to be close to him, he said, "She might want you, not me."

A concerned look filled Lois's face. "But ... I thought that if we selected a woman--"

Bob laughed at her, turned her toward the distant booth, and as he guided her forward said, "We go with what ever comes our way. That was the agreement."

When the woman looked up at their arrival, Bob stuck his hand out and said, "Bob Taylor ... my wife Lois. We were wondering..."

Bob looked around for eavesdroppers, then more quietly said, "We know this bar's reputation ... and ... well, we were wondering if we couldn't join you ... to talk about ... about getting to know one another."


How will she react? (We'll get to the choice later)


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