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Just this one time | grayoldfart | 2


They pumped their fists and chose their "weapon": Lois came up with rock and Bob with scissors. They smiled, then laughed nervously.

"Okay," Bob said, standing and pulling out a few bills for the table. "Let's go say hi ... and see what kind of a man we've chosen."

"Can you do this, honey?" Lois asked.

"See you with another man?" he said. He shrugged tentatively. "As long as I know that you're--"

"No," she said, a wide smile spreading across her face, "I mean can you be in a bed with another man. You know that's a possibility. He might want to pleasure ... or be pleasured ... by you, just as much by me."

Bob thought about it for a moment. That was a huge leap for him. He had nothing against homosexuality; he was a very liberal man who simply lived a very conservative life. Whether he could do it or not was to be seen.

The happy yet not content couple crossed to the booth and, when the man looked up with a pleasant smile, Bob stuck his hand out and said, "Bob Taylor ... my wife Lois. We were wondering..."

Bob looked around for eavesdroppers, then more quietly said, "We know this bar's reputation ... and ... well, we were wondering if we couldn't join you ... to talk about ... about getting to know one another."


How will the man react?


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