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Just this one time | grayoldfart | 1


They'd been sitting in the corner booth for almost two hours, originally sucking down some inhibition-killing drinks before turning to nursing the later ones to at least preserve some of their intelligence.

"How about that one?" Bob asked, nodding his head toward the end of the bar.

Lois followed his gaze, confirmed his good eye, then nodded a different direction and said, "Second booth ... the one tapping at the tablet."

Bob studied her choice and agreed. "Perfect. Which one, though?"

Lois held her hand out, clenched in a fist. They smiled knowingly, then chuckled; they'd played rock paper scissors together as preteens three decades ago. After two years of dating, Lois had given her future husband her virginity after his paper covered her rock. They'd even chosen which of their mother's they would name their daughter after with the old game. It only seemed appropriate that after 25 years of true fidelity, they would choose their first sex partner this way.

"Okay, now ... let's get this straight first," he said, matching her hand gesture. "If it's a guy and he's not into guys ... you're going to sleep with him on your own."

"And," she said continuing the thought, "if its the woman ... and she doesn't do women..."

"Right," he said without doubt, then ... hesitating, asked, "Right? Can we do this...? Let the other be with ... someone else and not be part of it?"

"Which do you think would be more awkward, honey?" she laughed. "You standing there and watching a man fuck me ... or you being in the middle of it?"

He laughed even louder than she had. They weren't exactly the most adventurous people when it came to sex. They were the true definition of vanilla between the sheets ... which, ironically, was the only place they had ever had sex with one another; no living room chairs, no dining room tables, no bathtubs or back seats or elevators or beaches. It was actually quite amazing that they'd ever come to the decision that spicing up their love life would be done with a third person!


Who Do They End Up With?

          A Man Who Only Wants to Be With Lois

          A man who wants to be with both Bob and Lois

          A woman who wants to be with both of them

          A woman who wants to be with just one of them.


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