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Vacation of a Lifetime | grayoldfart | 2


Lana's face flushed again and again as she listened to The Voice saying that she was going to finally lose her virginity ... to one of her own male relatives!

Oh God! she thought, dropping onto the bed. Is this ... is this really the way it's going to happen?

It didn't occur to her for even a moment that she might take The Voice's option to sit this one out. She wanted to lose her virginity; she wanted to get fucked. She'd discovered sexual pleasure by her own hands at a seriously young age, then discovered her mother's discarded "toys" hidden in the back of the closet and returned them to their glory. Despite her desire for the feel of man against her -- in her -- she'd reached her 18th birthday still, unfortunately, a virgin.

She could feel the wetness between her her thighs soaking her panties and looked up to the big screen, looked up to the men of her family. Then, she looked to the other screen and saw a flashing icon next to the words that indicated that someone had selected her as a sex partner...

And she smiled...


Who selected her as a sex partner


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