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"Yes" | grayoldfart | 3


Tanya was barely off stage before she ran smack into Taylor Lee, voted King of the Geeks three years running. He wasn't a bad guy or anything; he was just your stereotypical nerd, with a sad wardrobe, $5 haircut, pocket protector full of writing devices, and membership in every club -- high school and community both -- that would prevent a man from getting a date with a woman like Tanya.

"Interesting dance," he said, pulling his hips back in an attempt to hide the welcome yet still potentially embarrassing growth occurring just below his belt line. Tanya smiled politely -- she looked as is she was ready to cry from embarrassment, he thought -- but continued around him, obviously not wanting to talk to the dweeb. He dropped in behind her, though, rambling on about how he'd recently joined a modern dance club, omitting the part about it being filled with primarily octogenarians. He told her that her moves reminded her of one of the younger (50-ish) dance troupe members and then, just before she was about to enter the girl's bathroom, he asked, "Would you like to go one night...? You know my dance partner?"


How does she deal with a geek?


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