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"Yes, I Would Do That For Money" | grayoldfart | 1


Harvey Peterson reached into his expensive, hand tailored suit jacket and withdrew a thick wallet. He opened it, revealing a fat wad of mostly hundred dollar bills. He removed one and set it on the table before him.

"Would you do it for that?" he asked, a slight smirk on his face.

They'd met at the bar and, considering they didn't know one another, had chatted quite openly about embarrassing things strangers didn't normally talk about. Wanting more privacy, Harvey had tipped the Hostess to get him a nice table in the back and moved the conversation there.

It had been obvious to Harvey early that his guest was hard up for money and -- while seemingly much more reserved than he considered himself -- willing to take a risk if there were enough Benjamins waiting at the end of the challenge.

He glanced down at the single bill on the table. He was pretty sure his guest would, in fact, do what he'd asked for a hundred bucks. But ... that wasn't all Harvey wanted. He had a wallet full of hundreds, and a safe at home full of many, many more. Before this night was over, Harvey was going to see just how far he could get his guest to push those limits. And when they'd reached the stopping point ... Harvey would push them a bit farther than that.


Do it...? Don't do it...?

          Wouldn't say no to an easy 100


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