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"The Book of Eli" | grayoldfart | 1


The knock at the door is light, tentative.

A female voice asks, "Can I come in?"

"Give me a minute," Eli said quickly. He moves to the bed and covers his book with the blanket. He opens the door, revealing a beautiful young woman in a thin, tight summer dress that more than adequately reveals her womanly shape. "Someone already came with food and water. I got everything I need."

"Are you sure about that?" she responds, moving closer. She sees him back a bit; her offer would have been obvious to most men, but she is uncertain whether or not Eli understood it for what it was. She changes the subject, giving him time to consider. "It's really bright in here. I'm Solara."

"Right," he responds. "You filled my canteen downstairs."

"Yeah. You're the walker, right?"


She stepped closer and put her hand upon Eli's waist. "If - if you're worried about paying, it's on the house."


WWED: What would Eli do (if YOU were Eli, that is)?


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