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Ancient Royal Incest | grayoldfart | 4


She is so lovely, and the desire to have her is too much to ignore.

You drop to your knees at her side and raise a hand to play your fingers within her long locks. As she begins to rouse, you move in closer, until there are only inches between your faces. You caress your hand to the back of her neck.

She wakes, pulling back, startled; her glasses are on the table top, and it is doubtful that she fully understands who is before her.

You pull her face toward you and press your mouth to hers. The kiss is long; she doesn't pull away, doesn't try to stop you ... and while she allows the kiss, she doesn't seem to "participate" in it either, only sitting there calmly and feeling your lips upon hers.


She knows it is her brother, so how does she react?

          Shock and sickness.

          She begins to touch herself while sleeping


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