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Vacation of a Lifetime | grayoldfart | 1


It was to have been the vacation of a lifetime, an all expenses paid vacation to the Bahamas for the entire Robinson family. Things weren't working out quite as you expected, though.

You land at the airstrip of a small island with a sandy beach perimeter, a thick jungle interior, and -- seemingly -- only one house, a beautiful three story estate that sits on a small rocky rise looking down upon all about it. The pilot quickly unloaded your bags and pointed you toward the house, then fired up his engines and left without a word.

At the house, you found only written instructions attached to the front door; there didn't seem to be anyone anywhere about. You and your family did as instructed: you went to your rooms, put away your things, and fantasized about the fun to come.

Unfortunately, you couldn't have fantasized THIS. As you were unpacking your bags, a voice sounded from a speaker phone on the night table.

"Welcome to my island, my friend. I am sure that you read the entire contract you signed, granting you this free vacation in paradise, so ... let's get started."

One of the two huge flat screens on the wall came to life; it was a split screen with dozens of images, showing four different views of each of the bedrooms in which a Robinson was standing -- as you were -- listening to the faceless voice. You found yourself looking at you, too, from four different angles, and after a moment you were able to find the four cameras in various locations around the room.

At the bottom of the flat screen were instructions: TOUCH SCREEN TO INDICATE SELECTIONS.

"Please," the voice continued, "select the family member you wish to perform your first sex scene with, as well as the location in which to perform your scene. As soon as another family member selects you as their scene partner, we may begin. If no other family member selects you, you will be given the choice to either sit out and wait for your fellow family members to accumulate the necessary score--"

Suddenly, you here the lock on both the door to the hall and the door to the patio click shut.

"--or you may solicit participation from a chosen family member via the interactive touch screen."

The second flat screen on the wall illuminated. It seemed very user friendly, with many options concerning this ... unbelievable twist in your vacation.

On it was a menu of scene locations: living room, bedroom, kitchen, pool, beach, and more. A note at the bottom of the screen said: IF PARTNERS DO NOT SELECT SAME LOCATION, PLEASE USE TOUCH SCREEN TO SELECT A MUTUAL LOCATION.

Another menu appeared to be a "score card" for each family member; currently, each of the Robinsons had a big, fat zero by their name.

"Keep in mind," the voice went on, its tone seeming helpful, not threatening, "that while you yourself are not required to participate in any scenes, the family as a whole must score 100 points before it may continue on with the, uh ... normal vacationing fun that I am certain you were counting on." A small, short chuckle slipped out of the speaker before the voice added, "That fine print ... it'll get you every time, won't it?"

You noticed that at the bottom of the second flat screen there were a set of guidelines for scoring. They seemed to indicate that the more erotic, more creative, more exciting sex scenes would be awarded more points. At the bottom in red, all caps was a warning: FAKING ENJOYMENT WILL RESULT IN A LOSS OF POINTS.

The source of the voice must have noticed in the monitors where your gaze was and said, "Cheaters never prosper. I believe that. Don't fake enjoyment during your scenes. Points are awarded for realism ... and if realism for you during sexual situations with a family member means ... despair ... revulsion ... shock ... well, then ... so be it. I felt these emotions the first time I..."

The voice faded away, as if the speaker suddenly realized that too much was being said.

"Okay, so... let's begin, shall we."

On the first flat screen, most of the views vanished and only one camera view of each of the Robinsons remained. A little box appeared in the bottom of each, and across the bottom of the screen were instructions to use the touch screen to select a family member and a location, with the note YOU ARE PERMITTED TO PERFORM YOUR SCENES OUTDOORS, BUT STAY WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES INDICATED BY THE WHITE FLAGS. BEYOND THE FLAGS, THERE ARE NO CAMERAS; POINTS WILL NOT BE AWARDED FOR PERFORMANCES NOT RECORDED.


Who are you (dad, mom, bro, sis, cousin) and how do you react?

          Oldest Brother: Shocked, but willing.

          Youngest Sister: Virgin to all but her own "devices"


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