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A dorset nudist beach | monalottanow | 5


Still unable to look away from him, you try to catch your breath as he kneads your softening little dick in his hand

"Yes Daddy, I'm your good little girl." You moan obediently, covered in your own cum. Despite having just ejaculated, you are surprisingly still horny and don't make a move to stop the man, who is now your daddy, climbing on top of you.

His big semi stiff cock is pressed between your bellies as he lies down on you. You can't help smiling and feeling surprisingly secure and comfortable beneath this big man. Once again he kisses you, and closing your eyes you open your mouth for him as he slides an arm beneath your head to cradle you and the other slides beneath the small of your back, embracing you tightly and forcing a soft moan from you.

You can resist the urge and respond by wrapping your arms around his shoulders and your legs around his hips. His tongue caresses your own as you kiss back passionately. Your heartbeat races as you feeling his cock swell and harden between you.

He breaks the kiss and once again captivates your gaze with his own. His eyes are so dark and predatory, blazing with a wild lust. There is no way you can look away from him and you realise you will give up everything, even your masculinity and morals to be the object of of his desires.

"So my baby girl, what do you want to do?" He asks.


Do you...

          ask to suck his cock.

          beg him to fuck you.

          ask to go somewhere more secluded.

          tell him you'll do anything for your Daddy


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