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A dorset nudist beach | monalottanow | 4


You can't help but a feel a little shame as you so willingly spread your legs as wide as possible for a man. A man whose name you don't even know and barely even said hello to. It is the loud moan that escapes you as he grabs your sensitive little cock, that you realise you want this man more than you ever wanted any woman, that you want to be this mans woman.

Still led on his side next to you, the arm he is propped up on also cradles your head as he begins to wank you of extremely hard and fast. You squeal with surprise and then you are moaning uncontrollably as you buck and writhe.

"Cum baby. Cum for Daddy." He tells you, staring down at you as he wanks your little dick blindingly fast.

Suddenly, without warning you cry out and explode, streams of hot watery cum erupt from your little cock, plastering your entire body and even your face.
"Good girl! You really are Daddies good little girl, aren't you." He is telling you more than asking you but, you are sure he is wanting an answer.


Do you...

          tell him you are daddies good little girl.

          Babble something incomprehensible, say sorry and try to move away from him.

          find it impossible to think coherently let alone talk.


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