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A dorset nudist beach | monalottanow | 3


Shocking yourself, you part your lips and allows his tongue to slide into your mouth as he massages your lips with his. You can't believe this is happening, sure you've enjoyed watching the odd MMF bisexual threesome on Xhamster but never did you think you'd have a man make you his.

You realise that you have never been happier or hornier and even though it's trapped out of sight between your thighs, you''re cock has never been stiffer either. He rolls you onto your back and as you look up at him your pulse quickens and you blush again at the directness and hunger of his stare.

Once again you find yourself unable to break from his gaze, even though your cheeks are burning bright crimson and you feel his hand release your bum and move to your lower abdomen, then to your pelvis, making your gasp a little.

Instinctively, you part your smooth thighs a little and free your small stiff cock, but he doesn't even touch it. Instead his hand moves lower and he strokes your inner thigh and urges you to spread your legs.


Do you...

          spread your legs.

          close your legs.

          ask him to wait.


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