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A dorset nudist beach | monalottanow | 2


You look up at him and wave shyly as you smile nervously, but you are to horny to really care. He nods and smiles slightly. He pushes through the dune grass and you are excited by his body, big and stocky with big muscles though not ripped and his entire body is smooth and hairless, like your own, but he is so masculine... and he has a really big cock!

"Hiya." you say nervously as he lies down beside you.

"Hi cutie." he replies, his big semi stiff cock pressing against your thigh as he pulls you against him. You finally manage to look him in the eye and blush furiously when you see the way he is looking back at you. The unbridled hunger in his eyes, the way he slides his hand from your lower back to cup your bum and his ever hardening cock are all very overwhelming but, he holds your gaze and then presses his lips against yours.


Do you...

          open your mouth.

          freak out and pull away.


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