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From Friend to Girlfriend | monalottanow | 18


You enter your sisters’ room and let the towel falls to the floor before you move to the window and close the curtains, just to be safe. You know your sister has some amazing outfits as she has never been modest around you and you are not that much bigger than her.
Opening her wardrobe you consider all her clothes before coming across her rave outfit. It’s everything you need, a skimpy pink sheer dress with a white thong bikini to go underneath, a pair of white sheer thigh high socks with pink stiletto heels and to top it all of a long, straight haired, vibrant pink wig and a cute pink leather collar. Perfect!
You find a pair of long, clip on earrings on your sisters’ dresser and take them with everything else back to your room.
After getting dressed, you pack everything into your back pack and head out the door to Bobs.

Butterflies flutter madly in your stomach as you knock on Bobs front door, He opens it within moments and grins suddenly as he invites you inside.
He follows you into the living room and you can’t help but bend over as you put the bag down next to your seat.
“You ready?” he asks as you both sit down. “Remember, winner gets to fuck the loser however they want, okay?”
“Yeah.” You reply and for the first time notice the girl getting her ass drilled by a big white cock on the television. “Though I am sensing an anal theme with the porn today Bob.”
“Start as you mean to go on.” He retorts pulling out his cock.
You can’t help but stare and realise your mouth is watering before remembering to get your own cock out.
It feels so much more sensitive to the touch now that it’s smooth, stiffening instantly in your hand.
“Go!” cries Bob and you both start stroking your cocks.
Your cock is rock hard as you use long strokes and it’s not before you feel yourself getting close, that you remember you have lose and manage to calm yourself down.
You look over at Bob wanking furiously to the movie and that doesn’t help at all, making you even hornier.


Do you accidently cum first or do you manage to hold on just long enough for Bob to win?

          You forfeit


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