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From Friend to Girlfriend | monalottanow | 17


You wake early the next morning, after only a few hours sleep, nervously excited and already thinking of excuses in case you want to change your mind but, also getting excited about not changing your mind. You pull out the shopping bags from your trip into town yesterday, that you've been hiding under your bed.

You really can't believe how excited you are at the prospect of having Bob inside you and decide to do it looking like a porn star.

You take one bag to the bathroom with you and shave off your body hair, except for a landing strip just above your now smooth cock. Getting out of the shower you inspect yourself in the mirror and even though your cock looks bigger you are surprised at how feminine your body looks.

Moving to the mirror above the sink you complete the painful task of plucking your eyebrows into thin strips and then practice putting make up on a few times and enjoy it so much that you spend the next couple of hours experimenting until you find a look you love and are proud of. You barely recognise your face staring back at you.

Satisfied, you clean the make up off and draw in some pretty convincing eyebrows where you plucked.

After cleaning yourself internally you wrap your towel round your body like girls do and....


Go into your big sisters room. Don't worry, she's at University.

          Go in her room.


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