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A Bet Leads To Domination In The Office | deathofcards | 11


You head down to the Personnel department which is located on the third floor. You head into a waiting area which has a waist high divider running down the middle of the room. Lining the walls on either side of it are chairs, with four chairs against each wall. At the far end of the room are two doors leading to the interview rooms. Tom is stood between the two, frantically flicking through multiple files. On the left hand side of the room, three women and one man are sat in the chairs. A quick glance and you notice all of the women are either in their late thirties or early forties. On the opposite side of the room are two younger women. They have each been supplied with name badges. You make a quick note of the names of the two younger women, a brunette called Kenna and a dark haired Asian girl called Arial.

You walk over to Tom, who looks very pleased at your arrival. He hands you the folders.

“Just pick some and help me out with the interviews. There are two intern positions on offer.” He informs you.

You take the folders from him and realize he has handed you seven folders. You flick through them quickly picking out Arial's and Kenna's folders. Taking a look at the remaining folders you select one for a girl named Francesca who you note has not arrived yet. You hand Tom back the remaining folders and he heads off to the closest office.

You head over to the remaining office and shut the door behind you. You take a quick browse through the folders for Arial and Kenna. You find that both girls are more than qualified for the position, both needing the job as a placement for their university course. You wonder just how willing the girls are to get this job. Walking back over to the door, you open it.

“Arial, I'll conduct your interview first.” You tell her.

She silently follows you into the office. The office is reasonably large, closer to the door are two chairs on either side of a small circular coffee table.

“Please take a seat.” You motion.

Arial takes a seat in the chair closest to the door. She sits upright in the chair and stares down at the floor, her gaze fixated on her shoes. Arial looks to be around five foot four with her long dark hair framed on either side of her face. She is wearing a knee length white dress with black buttons down the middle and flat black shoes. You know from her file she is only nineteen. You can tell she is quite nervous.

“Welcome to the interview Arial. How are you today?” You greet her.

“I...m good t..t.thank you.” She stammers.

She looks at you briefly while answering but quickly returns her eyes to her feet.

“I'm interested in getting to know you a little before the proper interview.” You inform her.

“What are your hobbies?” You ask her.

She seems a little taken aback by the question. “Ummm I really like horses. My parents own a ranch and I love riding horses and taking care of them.”

“Interesting. Your interest in animals also reveals that you are a caring person as well.” You reply.

She smiles shyly at your response.

“Do you consider yourself to be a courageous person?” You inquire.

“Sometimes I guess. I can stand up for myself when it counts I suppose.” She answers becoming a little more confident.

“You have quite an exotic look Arial. Can I ask where you are from?”

She blushes as you ask, her eyes going to her feet again. “I was born here but my parents are from the Philippines.”

“We'll move on to the actual interview now. What are you studying?”

“Business economics. This is my second year.” She tells you.

“Your course requires you to complete a placement as part of your course correct?” You ask.

She nods.

“And what skills do you have which make you a suitable candidate for this position.” You query.

“I can type at a hundred words a minute. I have really good organizational skills. I can touch type. I have a reasonable understanding of state tax laws. I am capable of working under my own initiative.” She answers.

“All impressive skills Arial. Although unfortunately those are also skills which several other candidates we have interviewed possess. Is there anything which you feel makes you unique in comparison to other interviewees.”

She sits there for a moment, pausing uncertain on how to answer your question. “I give really good blowjobs.” She blurts out.

The moment Arial makes her last comment she goes completely red. Clearly embarrassed by making such a statement her eyes drop once again to her feet and she is unable to look you in the eye. You silently unzip your pants while Arial is not pay attention. Staring at the shy girl during the interview had already gotten you semi-hard.

“And do you believe that a demonstration of these skills would influence your chances of getting this job.” You suggest.

“I don't really think that would be appropriate.” She replies.

You get up from the chair, moving next to Arial. Unbutton you pants and let them fall to your ankles. After your encounters with and Ashley you had chosen not to keep your underwear on. Your cock hangs free only inches from Arial's face. She seems too shocked to protest.

“You need to take any opportunity when presented to get ahead in this business Arial.” You tell her.

“I really need this job.” She comments.

She turns her head to face you or at least face your crotch. She takes your cock in one hand and wraps her lips around the head. Arial sucks you softly, jerking your shaft making you hard. She takes the head fully into her mouth sucking on it harder. While sucking she flicks her tongue around the tip as you harden in her mouth. Now fully erect she takes you deeper, jerking her hand quickly at the base of your shaft. You have to bite your lip to stop yourself moaning as she blows you.

Arial fully engulfs your cock managing to fit your entire length all the way down her throat. She caresses your cock with her tongue, while sucking deeply on you. You are impressed when she sticks out the tip of her tongue and tickles your balls. You groan feeling your orgasm rising. Arial feeds your cock in and out of her mouth rapidly keeping her lips locked around it. She suddenly slips you from her mouth and licks it up and down before taking you back into her mouth. You let out one final loud groan as you start to cum. Arial keeps just the head inside her mouth as you cum. You hear her swallow load after load as you erupt in her mouth. Your cock softening she lets you slip from her mouth, looking up at you open-mouthed to show she swallowed every drop. She helpfully pulls your pants up for you and zips you back up.

A little tired you sit back opposite her again. Her demeanor has fully changed as Arial is now staring at you lustily.

“Do I get the job?” She asks.

“Right now you are easily one of the top contenders for the position. I'll need to complete the rest of the interviews for show of course.” You tell her lying partially.

“Thank you.” She replies.

“It was a pleasure interviewing you Arial.” You respond.

You hold out your hand and she shakes it energetically. Arial stands and makes her way out of the office. You hold the door open for her and call for Kenna to join you.


How does Kenna's interview go?


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