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"A Prize Unlike Any Other" | Edogawakun | 2


A glance in the mirror reveals the truth: you own a magic notebook. A glance through your own mind confirms it even further. You now have two sets of memories, one that features the original you, an ordinary 5'2" brunette with the figure of a child even at your current age of 25. It was a vivid reminder of how little the guys looked at you, and the ones that did saw just another one of the guys, even in your alluring hazel eyes. You maintained social circles, thus necessitating a car and keeping you abreast of the fads, but mostly did what you wanted to do instead of what others wanted from you. Now, there were new memories corresponding to all of your rewrites.

The mirror reveals that your hair has finally been tamed, no longer knotting whenever you grew it below the base of your skull and finally allowing you a mane the likes of Lady Godiva's during her famous ride. It seems to require more care though, as you recall buying much more shampoo and conditioner, and of much higher quality than the old items. Fortunately though, it did smell better, more like original flavor bubblegum than hair care products. However, the decision to grow it out this long causes a slight hesitation, an old internal argument, or so says your memory. While you love having the long hair you wanted ever since you moved up to the big kid potty, you also want to show off all the milky skin on your back as well. In both histories, a mishap on the day you were born resulted in an outbreak of chickenpox in the nursery, allowing several parents, your own included, to sue the hospital to the point of bankruptcy. In your original case, this mistake left your body covered in several small scars that made you afraid to wear even a one piece in public. Now, your skin healed without worry, and the only blemishes ever to befall your milky skin were some mosquito bites, stubbed toes, and other common mishaps, allowing you to finally wear the two piece swim suit you bought on impulse one day.

The once inconspicuous bumps on your chest are now replaced with a full and natural pair of luscious melons, barely encased within the DD bra currently cupping them. They developed over time, but certainly noticeably enough to draw the attention you so frequently craved as the tiny girl. Your back had been in some pain since they finished growing, and you occasionally wished there hadn't been as much attention, but overall you greatly enjoyed your assets. In order to not to look like one of the heavily edited models out of a lingerie magazine, you also developed your hips, giving yourself an alluring hour glass figure and a perfect behind that almost made you regret growing your hair past it. Your wardrobe has changed a fair bit as an obvious result, and in more ways than the new 36-25-34 measurements. Despite that, it's still fairly conservative. You now have multiple two piece swim suits, but no string bikini's or thong bottoms. Your clothes hug you now, and that flaunts your figure a bit, but there's no more skin visible than there was before you changed.

The body also caused you to hit some social milestones sooner, but oddly, there weren't any new ones. You made out with more boys in your new life, but it stayed at kissing. A hand or two made a few grabs those nights, but you always swatted away any efforts and kept the night as clean and respectable as possible. Even at Halloween, any costumes you wore weren't the least bit intentionally slutty, only perverted minds attached some kind of trashy allure to them.

"How does that work exactly?" you ask aloud. "Is the diary not responding to my desires? Or is it..."

Before you can finish your sentence, you run back to the diary and continue reading today's entry.

I made some changes to myself today. Now I own the amazing body I always wanted as my old self, but I never really used it in any new ways. I managed to figure out that the diary won't change my life too much, though I did need the diary to confirm the idea. It's capable of changing when I do something, but can't make me do something I haven't done unless I specifically make myself do it. It allowed my hair to grow longer than it's ever been since I did try growing my hair a few times and I kiss more guys since I have been kissed, but it won't make the past me buy any of the more sexualized garments since I never bought any myself and didn't specify that I should do that. The realization managed to leave me torn on what I should do next. Do I go back and fix things I don't like, or do I experiment with the diary and learn how to tames its other powers, besides its omniscience and ability to change the past through writing in the diary?

"Ain't that the truth," you reply aloud to the entry. "What should I do next?"


Edit more of the past? Discover the diary's other powers? Or make use of these changes?

          Into the diary and back to high school.


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