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A Game of Demons | ZombieToph | 7


"Daddy," shouts a voice from some distance behind you, halting the centaur's pressing cock even as it peeks just inside of your traitorously wet vagina.

"Meilda," the centaur questions, sounding almost nervous to your ears. "You aren't tending to your mother?"

"She's quite satisfied at the moment," the feminine voice responds, now much closer sounding. "Haven't I told you to leave these poor adventures alone?"

"Well, yes, dear," he said, sounding sheepish, pulling away from you. "But you know its been so long, I -"

"Get back to the hut right now," the other demanded, and you hear the sound of a hoof stomp the ground. "I will tend this young woman for your brutishness and you will relieve my frustration when I return!"

"Yes dear...," the centaur says, walking away from your battered body.

A sigh is heard behind you, "I'm so sorry for my father's uncivilized treatment, little elf," said the voice. "Here, let me untie you..."

[Trap -50 SP, 90 SP/300 SP]
[Trap -40 HP, 40 HP/120 HP]

You wake up once more, realizing that you must have fainted when your abused body hit the ground. You moan as you feel warm water and a soft cloth rub against your back.

"Ah, awake now," says the kindly female voice from above you. "It has taken some time to clean you, little elf."

You look up, and see a beautiful young woman with soft blue eyes and long blonde hair. As your vision focuses you realize that she is a faun - her lower body is that of a white haired goat. She wears no clothes to hide her attractive torso; large, tanned breasts stand out proudly with hard, pink nipples. You find yourself jealous of this creature's beauty.

She smiles at you, as your cheeks color red, and asks how you feel.

"Exhausted... my whole body aches," you answer truthfully. "The centaur... uh, your father... he really ran me down."

Concern flashed across the faun's face, a smooth, soft hand caressed your warm cheek, "I'm so sorry. Rest here with me awhile, you are safe for now."

And so you laid back, not caring that your nude body is freely exposed to the beautiful girl in front of you. After a moment she laid down next to you, her soft body pressing against your own, her fingers intertwining with your fingers, the sound of her steady breathing tickling your ear, the increasing speed of your heart beat as she turn toward you... how so soft her lips were against your own... how so sensual her tongue against your tongue...

Suddenly you're on top of her, your breasts pressed against hers as you ravish each others' mouths, and you gasp to feel something hard press against your womanhood...

"You have a penis," you ask, surprised. The faun blushes.

"Yes, it is true," she said, eyes downcast, seemingly fearful of rejection. "If it is uncomfortable to you we can stop..."

Your answer was your lips mashed against hers once more, even as her strong arms positioned you against the tip of her arousal...

You moan with sheer pleasure as Meilda's shaft thrusts into your womb...


Many hours later, Meilda cums inside your a final time, gently removing herself from you as you try to recover, breathing heavily.

"I hope we can do this again sometime," she said, smiling that brilliant smile of hers at you. "You are much better at this than Daddy."

"Will I have your children," you ask, indicating how many times Meilda climaxed inside you.

"Perhaps," she says, cheeks coloring. "But such a thing would take years to reach culmination. If, in so much time, you find you are pregnant with our children, come back to me... We will make such good parents, Kyla."

You agree, and it is a bitter sweet goodbye you say to your new lover as you put on your recovered gear. You sigh as you look upon the Stamina potions with regret - Meilda explained that due to the brutishness of her father, you will not be able to stomach most restorative potions for a few days, unless you find a divine healer. With such a thing unlikely in Mizulan, you resolve to rest when you can and take little chance.

[90 SP/300 SP]
[40 HP/120 HP]
[AV - Basic Set: Hell Fucked]
[2 Stamina potions, 2 Bloodclotting potions, Wizard's Light]


You should rest, but do you press forward anyway?


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