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A Game of Demons | ZombieToph | 6


Despite knowing it would still be no escape from the maze, you head left towards the sun's light, craving warmth away from the cool tunnels of the dungeon.

As you exit the dark dungeon, you sigh to once again see the bright sun, cheerily warming the midday sky with its life giving rays. You appear to be in a forest clearing, there are tree all around you and you hear the trickle of a stream in the distance.

Birds are calling to each other as you slowly walk forward, at peace but wary of stalking monsters. You don't notice until the last second that some of those bird calls seemed to change and respond to your movements; a rustle in the bushes nearby is all the warning you get - a Trap!

[Trap level 1]
[SP below 150, Trap activated!]

A dart fly through the air and lands in your neck!

Falling to your knees as the poison takes effect, you look up to see a bleary outline of a large, male centaur...


As your senses slowly return, you first notice that your wrists are tied and suspended above your head, holding your body up into a 'doggy' position. Additionally your legs are spread wide, tied at the ankles to rough, wooden poles.

Your weapons, armor and backpack are no where to be seen.

"Well, well," growled a menacing voice from behind you. "Finally awake, are you?"

A very large male centaur trots around to face you; he is rather fierce looking with his bulging muscles, war-paint all over his lower, equine body and massive, six foot long penis!

He canters up to you, so close that all you can see is his underbelly and that gigantic rod of his. Grinding his rock hard cock from your chin down to between your legs, he says, "I'll leave the first round up to you, little elf-girl... Shall I break you from the front or the rear?"

You whimper, not wanting that beast anywhere near you, let alone inside you. His cock is longer than your whole body and wider than your leg!

"No answer, huh," he growls, flexing his cock muscles and lifting you off the ground slightly. "Hmm...," he backs up, the tip of his beastly cock grazing against your lips, "lets try the front!"

With the force of a charging rhino he shoves his cock through your mouth and down your throat - your eyes bulge and your scream is muffled on his bulging penis, stretching your mouth and throat obscenely. You feel sick as the head of the centaur's cock finally comes to rest inside your stomach.

He grunts, "Urgh, ancestors, you're tight, little elf-girl! SelKith knows, I like 'em tight!"

And so he started ramming you, oblivious to your suffering as your small body spasmed helplessly on his huge cock. After a few minutes of the beating you couldn't take it anymore and passed out...

It seemed to go on for hours. When you woke up the centaur was still brutally fucking your gut, and had apparently climaxed multiple times due to the pool of cum you are kneeling in.

Finally, after the fifth time you woke up from fainting, he pulled out, blasting your face with his foul smelling sperm, "I hope you liked that, because now we get to try the other end!"

You want to plead against him, but as you open your mouth you gag and a river of thick, heavy centaur cum pour out, first just through your mouth then eventually out of your nose too.

"I would ask your opinion on which hole to start with back here, but you seem pretty choked up, so let's start with..."


What happens?

          * Interrupted!*


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