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A Game of Demons | ZombieToph | 6


You decide to press onward, first attempting the brush off the incredible amount of tentacle sperm off you, but to little success.

[210 SP/300 SP]
[80 HP/120 HP]
[AV - No Armor: Cum Stained]
[2 Stamina potions, 2 Bloodclotting potions, Wizard's Light]

Exhausted tentacles are draped along the hall towards the chest, which has been opened, three tentacles resting over the rim. You look inside to see it filled with obscuring, white cum, its original contents missing.

You sigh and consider your options:

To the left the dungeon stones turn to grass and you can see sunlight some distance ahead. The air is warm and inviting, but you know it is no escape from the demons' maze.

The right path leads sharply downward, the ground turning to brown rock just before it vanishes into darkness. You think there is a lake down that way, by the faint smells slowly wafting toward you.


Which do you choose?


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