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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 20


Sarah's mind filled with worry as she contemplated the fact that agent Pembleton had just been shot. She wondered what she should do, Jack had ordered them to engage Lieto's men but Sarah was still uncertain and very nervous. From her position, behind the desk, Sarah saw the man in the corridor wasn't facing into the office. Sarah took a risk and snuck a quick glace out of the office window into the warehouse. Cooper was crouching near the body of the downed guard.

Sarah needed some help to get out of the room and back to the other side of the warehouse, but she couldn't use the radio for she did not want to revealed herself. She needed Cooper's help but wasn't sure what to do. Cooper probably would go into the other area, so she could be on her own for the moment.

Over the radio Sarah could hear that Jack and Pendrell were about to take down the Lieto's other two men. Sarah waited for a few more minutes and heard what sounded like gunfire again, she was relieved, as it didn't sound like anyone had fired an Ak47. She risked another look out of the window and couldn't see Cooper this time. Sarah wondered if he was coming over to her position. She swallowed hard, if Cooper went into the corridor he would be spotted instantly, although Pembleton being shot surely meant Lieto was already aware that people were in the warehouse. Sarah had no clue what to do, she couldn't stay in the office permanently. She thought that at some point one of the other agents might come and help her out.

Sarah waited still behind the desk hidden from sight trying to work out a way out of the office. Her thinking was interrupted by another bout of gunfire over the radio, this time it sounded different and she began to worry again.

"Fuck, Pendrell's been shot, he's wounded badly!" Jack called out.

"Does this mean we're going to abort the mission?" Cooper asked, his voice sounded weak.

"Negative, we need Lieto," Jack answered.

"How many men are left?" Jack asked.

"I've taken down one and there's another outside the office where Sarah is," Cooper replied.

"How is Sarah?" Jack questioned.

"She's fine, the guy just seems to be guarding the corridor. I don't think he knows she's there. Do you want me to get her out?" Cooper asked.

"No, Lieto is the priority with Pendrell and Pembleton down, I need your help. Sarah will just have to stay put for the moment. We'll get her out later," Jack responded.

"I'll head over to your position," Cooper replied hesitantly.

Sarah couldn't believe what she was hearing. She felt betrayed that Jack and Cooper were just going to leave her until they had captured Lieto. It made sense to her in some way, as she was relatively safe and Lieto was the objective. Sarah didn't want to wait around in this room just in case anything did happen, after all Jack and Cooper could use her help. The man was still waiting outside the door. Sarah needed away to distract him so she could escape. She wondered what to do.


How does Sarah escape the office?

          Sarah destroys the old computer.


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