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Bodyswap | Purveyor_of_Sin | 16


It takes you a few minutes to compose yourself. After the short bout of crying, you wipe away at your red eyes, feeling extremely embarrassed at being so emotional.

"Stupid girl hormones," you mutter as you stand up. As you lift yourself to your feet, you feel something inside you shift and suddenly a large amount of semen pours out from your pussy and splatters down upon the muddy ground. Several large drops splash against your Mary Janes, staining the dark leather. "Shit!"

Jacob, who still had the camera pointed at you and recording for some reason, couldn't help himself and began to laugh.

"Oh, shut up, asshole!" You yell at him, but strangely enough you find the situation funny as well. Despite your attempts to quell it, a bout of laughter hits you as well.

"That is like the most disgusting thing I've ever seen, dude," Jacob chuckles as he zooms the camera at the large cum puddle dripping down from between your legs.

"Jake! Stop being perverted!" You say through your laughter. You swat at him playfully to stop him filming, but he dodges your hands and continues.

"Hey, you told me to film all the good stuff, right?" He grins.

"Oh, ha ha." You roll your eyes at him.

A long awkward silence follows, with the two of you feeling slightly embarrassed at the entire situation. Jacob finally switches off the camera and looks at you. His smile is gone, replaced by a somewhat sad expression.

"Rob, er, I mean, Sue. I'm really, really sorry."

You glance at him in confusion, not really knowing what he's talking about. "Sorry? About what?"

"I... I shouldn't have let you go through with this. It was stupid, and it was dangerous." Jacob rubbed at his temples, looking very much irritated with himself. "I shoulda tried harder to talk you out of it, or, I dunno, tie you up or something 'till you started to think straight."

"Jake, stop." You give the boy a reassuring smile. "This was my decision, all of it. I bear the responsibility, and to tell you the truth, I don't regret a damn thing."

Jacob looked at you as if you had grown a second head. "Y-you don't?"

"Nope," you flash him another smile, this one less nice and much more malevolent. "I finally did it, Jake. I finally got that bitch Sue good." You look away from him and stare up at the sky, eyes hard as steel as you glare up into the heavens. "Now I get to ruin that fucking cow, show mom and dad what their precious little girl is really like. After they see her getting trained by fifty homeless bums, they'll see that I was the one they should have been paying attention to! I'll be the favorite then, and stupid Suzy Poozy will probably be sent off to a convent or something." You laugh bitterly and squeeze your hands into tight, angry fists. "Hell, after we post the video up online, the whole fucking WORLD will see what a disgusting whore she is. I doubt she'll be able to get a job in anything but porn or as a hooker after everyone sees her in action. Yes, yes! I don't regret a fucking thing!"

You look back down and meet Jacob's eye. You frown upon seeing the fear and disgust in his eyes; he was looking at you as if you were some kind of freak or monster. "Don't look at me like that, you fat shit!" He flinches slightly at your angry retort. You break his gaze and begin stomping towards the lot's entrance. "Come on, Jake. We're still not done."

"What?" Jacob rushes after you. "What the heck are you talking about? Not done? You still wanna do more?"

"Of course!" You turn around and glare at him. "Remember, this was your plan, Jakey-boy. Hundred man bukakke and a walk around a public, crowded place."

"Ron, that's fucking crazy!"

"Sue, dammit! How many times do I gotta tell you? I'm freaking Sue right now!" You shout at him.

"Ron, Sue, whatever, just STOP!" He pleads with you. "Don't you think you've done enough? The last few hours have been the craziest shit of my life, and you're still not satisfied? Damn it, think! What you're pulling is really, really dangerous! Hell, you could've gotten killed today, can't you see that?"

"I didn't-" You start to say, but Jacob interrupts you.

"But you COULD have! Damn, man, please just stop! Let's go home, okay? Please." Jacob looks extremely desperate, almost on the verge of crying.

You just smile coldly at him. "Don't chicken out on me now, Jake. Our work isn't done. We still need to do one more thing, and I promise you we'll go home."


"Please, Jake. Please," You plead with him, giving him the doe-eyed look you've seen Sue give your parents countless times when she wanted something really badly. "You're my best friend, Jake. I NEED you. Please. There's no way I can pull this off without your help. I promise, as soon as we do one last thing, we'll go home. Please."

Jacob frowns and shakes his head slightly, but you can see his resolve crumbling. Inside you chuckle slightly at how easy your friend was to manipulate. Finally, after a few long seconds of mental deliberation, Jacob finally nods. "F-fine! I'll help you, but then afterwards we go straight home!"

You flash him one of Sue's brilliant smiles, though its effect is somewhat tarnished because of all the cum covering your face. "Thank you, Jake. You're my hero."

The boy flushes in embarrassment and looks away.

Knowing that Jacob was now once again under your strings, you turn around and march towards the lot entrance. As you approach the crowd of homeless still gathered there collecting food, several wolf whistle and leer at you. You simply give them an easy smile and lick your lips.

"Hey, honey. Leaving us so soon?" asked one of the bums.

"Yep, sorry," you apologize while giving him what you hoped was a cute pout. "But I need to go somewhere with a lot of people and show off all this yummy cum you guys gave me!"

There was much laughter and jeers from the men at your proud declaration, several of them hooting and hollaring, shaking their head in disbelief.

"Damn, bitch. You are the biggest, nastiest slut I ever met!" stated one of the older bums with conviction.

"You know it, grampa," you wink at him and head out. As you pass through the crowd of men, many of them took the time to reach over and grope your bra-less breasts through your filthy blouse as well as slip under your skirt for a quick squeeze of your butt and thighs. You merely giggle playfully and let them feel you up.

Just as you push through the mob, one of the bums comes up to you. This one your remember during the gangbang; he was a midget with an eyepatch who took great pleasure in pumping both your pussy and ass with his loads. "Hey girlie," he said, his high-pitched voice sounding lewd. "Care ta give me a parting blow?" He grinned as he pulled his swollen erection out from the confines of his dirty jeans.

You tap your chin, overdramatically acting as if you were in deep thought. "Hmm... lemme thing. Sure, why not?" With a grin, you kneel down in front of him and slowly stuff his short but hard-as-steel cock into your mouth. The crowd of bums break out into laughter and cheers.

As you bob your head up and down the short bum's dick, you revel in the sluttiness you were displaying. This time you weren't in the safety of the lot; this time you were out on the sidewalk by the lot's entrance, kneeling on the pavement and blowing a homeless midget in full view of the passing traffic. Out of the corner of your eye you see pedestrians passing across the street stop and gawk at you. Some of the bikers from the bar nearby poke their heads out and shake their heads at the sight in front of them. You feel your lips curl into a smile as the bum suddenly begins trembling and groaning, his release imminent. As soon as you feel a spurt of salty jism hit your tongue, you pull his dick out and jack it off all over your already soiled face.

The crowd erupts into cheers. You feel more spurts of semen raining down onto your hair and shoulders; obviously some in the crowd had hard dicks they also needed to get rid of. Once the small bum was done and his cock stopped squirting, you made sure to clean him off with a few licks before standing up.

Several more bums rushed up to you, begging for some attention as well, but you turn them down. "Sorry, boys. I'm burning daylight." You hustle away, much to the crowd's disappointment.

"Be sure to come back and pay us a visit!" shouted one of the bums in passing. "We'll be sure to save up a lot of jizz for your slutty mouth!"

You wave at him and blow him a sloppy kiss.


Where do you head to?

          The Shopping Center


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