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A Game of Demons | ZombieToph | 4


Wishing you had some fur armor to shield yourself against the chill, you decide to take the forward path.

[190 SP/300 SP]
[AV - Basic Set]
[3 Stamina potions, 2 Bloodclotting potions, Wizard's Light]

As you press forward the air turns ever more frigid, icicles forming on the ceiling as the path slowly rises upward, until eventually it opens up to a large, frozen cavern.

"Gods its freezing in here," you exclaim grumpily as you rub your arms, craving the warmth of the lower passages.

There does not appear to be any immediate threat, the cavern is large but very open and it seems unlikely any monster could successfully hide from you.

A bit disgruntled, thinking perhaps there was nothing to this path at all and you wasted time going this way, you eventually come across what looks like a pedestal, sculpted out of the ice.

On the top of the pedestal is a tablet, again made out of ice, that states:

'The way forward is frozen over and toll must be paid in proper form to pass. Warmth of the skin must be pressed down on these words to show the way.'

Shrugging you press your hand firmly down on the freezing ice plate; just beyond the pedestal you are startled to hear a sudden grinding, cracking noise as ice appears to simply build up before your very eyes into three distinct sculptures.

You blush to see what has appeared.

The first sculpture, in the middle directly across from you, is that of a collection of three large penises, each easily as wide as your arm and two feet tall.

The second, just to the left of the penis sculptures, is a very detailed model of a woman's vagina - but extremely large; you could easily fit your entire body inside it.

The last in the image of a well-endowed woman's breasts; DD-cups, jutting out from a pedestal which places them about eye-level.

The words pressed beneath your hand shift; you look back at the ice tablet to see:

'You must state your choice, but you should choose with care, for each is a challenge, but one will keep you ensared.'


Which do you choose?


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