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Bodyswap | Purveyor_of_Sin | 14


You stare at the man, feeling trepidation for the first time. Despite the fact that you absolutely hated your sister and wanted to debase her completely, it was still YOU in her body. This wasn't like in video games where you played a female character, controlling her actions. You actually felt everything your sister felt, every pinch, grope, and orgasm. It was fun in the beginning, thinking up ways to humiliate Sue, but actually going through the revenge was pretty hard. Your jaw ached from the blowjobs, your butt was stinging from the bums spanking you, your boobs were sore from all the groping, and your stomach felt funny after all the cum you swallowed.

"Don't wuss out now, Rob," you tell yourself as your hate for your sister and need for vengeance began to build up again. "This isn't you who's going through this. This is SUE, your slut sister. It wasn't you that just got molested and mouthfucked by a bunch of homeless slobs. It was Sue. And it isn't you who's about to get the shit gangbanged out of him, it's SUE."

You look back towards the bum kneeling next to you. He was an old white guy, probably in his sixties, with a thick white beard and balding head. He looked at you with such longing, like you were the most beautiful thing he's ever seen, despite the fact that you were sitting in a vacant lot, clothes stained and disheveled, with the sperm of three guys leaking out of your mouth. You couldn't help but blush at the attention.

"Okay," you tell him shyly, your eyes sinking down to your lap as you were unable to meet his eyes. "Just... please go easy on me. It's my first time."

"Bullshit!" shouted out some wise-ass bum, causing others in the crowd to laugh out loud in agreement.

This caused you to blush even more. Sure, Sue may have been a slut who probably lost her virginity when she was twelve to who knows what, but you were still a virgin. So far you've only gotten as far a second base, and that was to Wanda Keeler who was an even bigger nerd than you were, and she was flat as a board!

"Don' worry, sweet pea. I'll be real gentle like," said the old bum, smiling kindly. He moved quickly behind you, the other homeless guys who were molesting you letting go and making room for him. He grasped your hips and gently lifted them up, causing you to lift your butt. He then gently pushed against your back, causing you to lean down on your hands and knees, presenting yourself to him. You whimper slightly, closing your eyes when you feel him rub rough, calloused fingers against your still wet pussy lips. Your panties are still wrapped around your knees, and for some reason this fact makes you even more embarrassed.

"Here we go," the old man said after opening his pants and freeing his dick. With one hand on your hips holding up your skirt, the other guiding his cock, the bum moaned as he pushed forwards, sinking himself slowly into your pussy. "Oh fuck me, that's nice an' tight." There were cheers from the crowd, many of the man's friends encouraging him to fuck you hard.

Your eyes were still tightly closed, but your mouth opened in a wide "O." You could not believe how good his dick felt as it moved with such delicious slowness in and out of you. Although he wasn't very big, it still felt fantastic, and soon you begin moaning in pleasure as his movements quickened.

A small part of your mind chose that moment to remind you that you have just lost your virginity to some old hobo. But you quickly squish down that annoying voice, reminding yourself that this was Sue's body. It was SUE who was being fucked in front of an audience, not you.

"Oh god!" You groan as the bum begins to move faster. The loud sound of flesh slapping against flesh can be heard, the bum's hands kneading your soft buttcheeks as he fucked into your hole. Your body flinches in pleasure whenever his swaying balls smack against your clit. "Jesus, why does this feel so fucking good?"

You can hear the old bum gasping in similar pleasure as he plowed into you, sweat dripping off his dirty face to fall upon your white ass cheeks. You open your eyes and see all the homeless guys watching you with rapt attention, many of them tugging on their erect cocks and patiently waiting for their turn. "Oh god," you think to yourself. "I'm going to have to fuck them all, too..."

Suddenly the bum fucking you begins pounding away fast, his movements rocking your body to and fro. It's obvious he was getting close, and you realize with a shock that so were you. Unable to help yourself, you reach your right hand beneath you and start frigging your clit.

"Wow, look at that slut go!" exclaimed an amused hobo. He took a sip from an open bottle of whiskey, then passed it to the crowd.

"Shit, shit, shit," you mutter, closing your eyes tightly again as the bum's hips pound you even harder, faster, and deeper. Your fingers diddle your clit quickly, wanting desperately to push yourself over the edge. You hear your fuck buddy grunting, and he is obviously almost there.

"Thank ya lordeh!" the old man screams as he slams his hips into you. Your eyes pop open as you feel something hot and wet spill inside you. The strange sensation pushes you over the edge and you let out a loud squeal as a hard orgasm rocks you from deep within your body. You feel your cunt spasm and your thighs clench, spikes of pleasure stabbing at you from the inside.

Your body is still shaking when the old bum pulls out, a trail of warm cum leaking from your used hole. He is breathing hard and sweating, unable to form words. He pats you gently on the ass, as if saying "Thank you," before standing up and moving away to catch his breath.


What happens now?

          The gangbang begins.


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