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Bodyswap | Purveyor_of_Sin | 10


"Please!" Jacob begged.

God, he looked so pathetic. Were all guys like this when they went after girls? Honestly, no wonder most girls were such bitches. You know if you had to go through this every day you'd be pretty pissed off yourself.

"Fine, fine," you tell him, shaking your head in irritation. "Just get it out already." Your cheeks blush a bit, as part of you can't believe you just told Jacob of all people to fish out his cock.

"Really? Oh wow, thanks Sue! Er, Rob. You're the best friend ever!" Jacob all but giggled as he pulled open his pants to unleash a nine inch dick out into the open.

"Oh, wow," you mutter, slightly impressed. And a little bit ticked off. It was kind of irritating to see that your chubby, nerdy friend had a much bigger cock than your old body did. "Um, yeah, let's get this over with."

You move towards your friend, ignoring his face and the stupid grin that was plastered upon it. As you stood in front of him, staring down at his angry looking cock, you take a deep breath, steeling yourself for what was to come. After counting to three, you slowly kneel down in front of him until his giant dick was waving inches from your nose.

"Oh god oh god oh god," muttered Jacob as he looked down on you. He couldn't believe that such a hot girl was about to do what he had always dreamed of.

You took another breath, but almost regretted it when the smell of sweat and dried cum almost caused you to gag. You forgot that Jacob had cum in his pants earlier, and now you notice small flecks of what was obviously dry sperm on his dick.

"Dude, gross!" you tell him, your face backing away from the monster cock in front of you. "It's still dirty from you cumming before!"

"Please, Sue, please!" Jacob begged, his hands going to your head and gently urging you to suck him. "Please!" He sounded extremely desperate.

You roll your eyes in irritation, then decide to go for it. It's not like this was your real body. If Sue wants to suck on a dirty, sweaty cum-stained dick, then she was the slut not you.

You take a deep breath to steel yourself (this time taking care to take the breath through your mouth) then plant your lips over Jacob's bulging man wood. You quickly push your mouth down, taking about half his cock swiftly in case you lost your nerve and chickened out. Jacob moaned loudly as his dick slid along your warm lips and tongue, his grip on your head tightening almost painfully.

The taste was salty and bitter, but not as bad as you thought it would be. "It's okay," you think to yourself as you gave his dick a suck, your mouth filling with spit, "I can do this!" You then begin to bob up and down, all the while your tongue swirling against the hard shaft in your mouth.

"Shit, Sue! You are amazing!" Jacob yelled, the pleasure almost overwhelming him. "You are so great at this! Oh god! Yes!"

You blush slightly, feeling a bit embarrassed at your best friend complimenting you on your cocksucking skills. But you continue to bob and suck, carefully keeping the large head of his dick out of your throat to keep from gagging.

Suddenly and without warning you feel his cock twitch before something warm and wet impacts the back of your throat. You almost choke but manage to stave it off as your mouth continues to be filled with sperm. You try to pull away but Jacob's hands grasp tightly and prevent your head from moving.

"Oh yeah! Yeah! Fuck!" Jacob screams as he pumps what seemed like gallons of cum into your mouth. Your cheeks puff out there was so much of it!

Finally, Jacob pulls away from you, his softening dick popping out of your lips with a lewd slurp. He looks down at you, still on your knees, and you meet his eyes, your own slightly teary. Your cheeks are still bulging out obscenely as his large load is still held in your mouth. You look around in panic, waving your hands impotently, your mind in a whirl and unsure of what to do. Surprisingly enough, it was Jacob who came up with a solution.

"Swallow it," he told you. You look up into his eyes, only to find it lustfully staring down at you.

You took a deep breath through your nose and nod. After steeling yourself, you let your throat muscles contract, allowing a large portion of the spunk in your mouth to go down your gullet. After a few moments, you try it again, but this time it goes wrong. You cough, causing cum to fly out of your mouth. Your hands shoot up to catch most of it, but a few drops splatter down onto your blouse and lap.

"Sue! Er, I mean, Rob! You okay?" Jacob asked, genuinely concerned.

You nod, throat still swallowing what cum was left in your mouth. Afterwards, you pull your cum-stained hands away from your face, showing Jacob your sperm covered lips and chin. A few strands drip down off your chin, dropping down to stain the cotton of your blouse.

"Damn, that was nasty! The taste! And that smell! Ugh!" You complain, sticking your tongue out in distaste. "How the hell do porn stars do that?" You grab one of Sue's designer blouses off the floor and use it to wipe your face and hands clean. "Gross!"

"S-Sorry, Sue. Er, Rob." Jacob looked extremely embarrassed. "I shouldn't have cum in your mouth."

You look up at him with a frown, but shake your head. "It's okay. I need to get used to the taste. After all, I'm probably gonna have to suck off a hundred guys later." You shrug and stand, using the cleaner parts of Sue's blouse to clean off the cumstains from your uniform.

"Really? You still want to go through with it?" Jacob asks you, surprised.

"Damn right I do!" You tell him. Although your tie and skirt still show obvious wet spots, you find yourself not caring. After all, your clothes would probably be covered in the stuff later on. "I'm gonna get my revenge on that bitch, Jacob! Just you watch. Soon everyone'll know what a whore she can be."

You grin at your friend, then frown as your lips still feel slightly sticky. You stick your tongue out to lick your lips and taste the salty tang of Jacob's cum. Your cheeks flush and you suddenly notice that your panties are soaked. Damn.

"Let's go, Jake," you tell him as you exit Sue's room. "We got a bus to catch. And don't forget the camera!"

"Yeah, sure!" You hear him call back. Seconds later you see him rush out of the room, his pants all done up but still with an obvious bulge to it.

"Damn, Jake. Doesn't that thing ever go down?" You tease him, grinning.

Jacob blushes in embarrassment.


Where do you guys go?



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