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Bodyswap | Purveyor_of_Sin | 8


You and Jacob are currently in Sue's room, raiding her closet for the perfect outfit she would be wearing for her upcoming spooge bath. You feel your anger rising as you go through her wardrobe finding expensive outfit after expensive outfit, designer name after designer name. You are extremely pissed at how your parents kept spoiling your bitch sister, buying her all these expensive clothes, while all you ever got from them were department store knock-offs.

"Ugh, stupid spoiled fucking whore!" You scream as you tear several dresses off their hangers and toss them carelessly aside.

"Whoa, dude, chill!" Jacob squirms in worry, watching you trash Sue's room.

"I hate her I hate her I hate her!" You continue to yell out, stomping a shapely leg down on a stupid looking stuffed animal. After smashing the poor thing into a misshapen mess, you look up and give Jacob a terrifyingly evil grin. "But as soon as we're done with the bitch, everybody will hate her, too! Heh heh heh..."

"Um, yeah, sure," Jacob backs away from you in fright.

You shake your head to clear your thoughts, then turn back towards Sue's closet. "Okay, so, if I were some nasty slut going out to get a hundred strange guys to splatter her face with cum, what would I wear? Hmmm..."

You pull several designer dresses out of the way before something in the back of Sue's closet catches your eye.

"Oh HELL yeah!" You grin, grabbing the outfit. "That's perfect!"


Which of Sue's outfits do you go with?

          Catholic Schoolgirl Uniform


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