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A Game of Demons | ZombieToph | 5


With little room to maneuver you decide to hold your ground, dodging the goblin's next swipe and striking forward with a kick, knocking the creature back a step!

But what you forgot what the open chute just behind you... and by the time the goblin lunged forward again the tentacles that have slowly wrapped around your ankles trip you and suspend you in midair! The goblin collides into your helpless body, but is caught by the tentacles which position it between your spread legs.

A swiftly growing penis pushes the goblin's loincloth aside; bumpy and slime covered, you are disgusted at the sight and thrash about in the tentacles' grip, not wanting that foul thing anywhere near you!

"Urgh, get off of me," you shout, writhing in the air as the tentacles roughly pull off your leather armor, exposing your nude body to the cool dungeon air. "Get off - mmrgghf!"

A thick tentacle plugs your mouth as the goblin is helped into position, its large cock pushing painfully against your tight womanhood. Slowly it forces its way inside you, pushing in so deep that you see your stomach bulge slightly as its hips finally meet your own.

The goblin moans as a tentacle wriggles up its butt as another affords you the same courtesy. At that moment everything begins fucking - the tentacles piston up and down your throat and butt, the goblin fucks his massive cock into you while his own ass is ravaged, yet more tentacles wrap around and squeeze your breasts, and another slithers into the goblin's mouth.

You can't take it anymore and your body shudders as the force of your orgasm rocks you to the core. Thick, warm cum begins blasting out of all the tentacles, showering you and the goblin in a waterfall of creamy liquid. With a final, deep thrust the goblin cums inside you, filling you with its animalistic seed.

But its not over. The tentacles remove the goblin from your battered vagina and spin you around, positioning your mouth against the tip of its slimy cock. Barely able to think in the throes of your on-going orgasmic state, you hungrily devour the rod, pumping your head up and down the gagging length of the goblin's cock...

[Normal Battle -10 SP, 210/300 SP : -40 HP, 80/120 HP]
[Loot: None]
[Lost Battle: No Armor, Weapons Remain]

You wake up several hours later in a pool of heavy, white sperm. A single tentacle is wedged, motionless, inside your vagina. With an exhausted gasp you pull it out; a river of cum flows out of you, adding to the pool below for nearly a whole minute before stopping.

Finding your weapons, covered in cum, against the dungeon wall you still can't find your armor when you notice the goblin is still here, but has taken your spot suspended above the tentacle pit; held upside down, three tentacles are fucking its ass while two others pump its long cock. It seems completely unaware of anything but the apparent pleasure it is in.

Despite being slightly aroused at the sight, you keep searching for your armor but eventually give up in despair - the tentacles have obviously taken it. So, naked, covered in sperm, you must venture onward...


Rest, take potions or simply continue?

          Continue onward.


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