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A Game of Demons | ZombieToph | 4


If only for the fact that you'd have light to see rampaging monsters you decide to take the left path.

[270 SP/300 SP]
[AV - Basic Set]
[3 Stamina potions, 2 Bloodclotting potions, Wizard's Light]

The tunnel twists and turns, maze-like but sure in its destination, never splitting. You begin to feel a little nervous due to the severe lack of monsters which you were promised to encounter.

As you round another corner your eyes light up at the sight before you - a large, intricately wrought chest!

You take an eager step forward and hear a sudden clicking sound - a Trap!

[Trap level 2]
[SP above 200, Trap avoided!]

Well aware of your surroundings you look up and see gears slowly cranking - the trap mechanism! With practiced skill you fire an arrow at the gears which firmly wedges in place, halting the mechanism and nullifying the trap!

"No sweat," you gloat, feeling triumphant. "Now lets see here..."

You open the chest, sitting inside is an assortment of Stamina potions and one Phial of Butterfly Dust!

[Loot: Stamina potions x3, Phial of Butterfly Dust x1]
[6 Stamina potions, 2 Bloodclotting potions, 1 Phial of Butterfly Dust, Wizard's Light]

There are paths leading to the left and right of the chest but before you can decide where to go a goblin monster turns a corner and charges you!

[Enter Battle -30 SP, 240/300 SP]

The goblin runs at you with surprising speed, tackling you and sending you tumbling down the tunnel. You gather yourself as it skids to a halt further down - the goblin is obviously a member of the higher ranks, a gladiator or chief at least.

You've had little experience with this caste of goblin before but try to recall the battle lessons about them...


Sword, Dagger or Bow?


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