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A Game of Demons | ZombieToph | 4


If only for the fact that you'd have light to see rampaging monsters you decide to take the left path.

[190 SP/300 SP]
[AV - Basic Set]
[3 Stamina potions, 2 Bloodclotting potions, Wizard's Light]

The tunnel twists and turns, maze-like but sure in its destination, never splitting. You begin to feel a little nervous due to the severe lack of monsters which you were promised to encounter.

As you round another corner your eyes light up at the sight before you - a large, intricately wrought chest!

You take an eager step forward and hear a sudden clicking sound - a Trap!

[Trap level 2]
[SP below 200, Trap activated!]

You scream as the ground falls out beneath you, dropping ten feet before you are caught by thick, slimy, purple tentacles which clog the space beneath you to such a degree that you cannot see beyond them!

The chute you are trapped in is very small, you hardly have room to move your arms as the tentacles slither over your body. Small tendrils unclasp the bindings of your armor, pulling the protective leather down into the seething pit below, suspending you naked for the beast.

"Oh Ysa," you moan aloud as a massive tentacle rams through your tight vagina. The tentacles wriggle in excitement as the first ravages you, bouncing your small body on its overlarge girth.

The monsters pull you down until all your world is the sight of slimy, pulsing tentacles.

As you are bounced on the beast in your vagina, another slithers down from around your neck, between your breasts and pushes against your tight butt.

Tears falling from your eyes you plead, "For gods' sake, please no..."

But the tentacle pushes on, slowly forcing through your virgin anus, thrusting deep inside you, stuffing your body alongside the other. A third also wraps around your neck, which now feels uncomfortable bound, and with a little effort plunges through your lips and begins pumping itself down your throat.

If you could look down at yourself as the pleasure slowly built over the pain you'd be shocked to see just how deep the tentacles were fucking you - your stomach distends as the lower two pound you and your throat bulges with the thrusts of the one between your lips.

Suddenly, as your muffled moaning turns from pain and refusal to pleasure and desire, all three tentacles pump massive loads of sperm into you - so much that your little body can't hold it all and it begins to pour from your mouth, vagina and butt, like a thick white river over the undaunted tentacles.

They retreat from your body you meekly begin pleasuring the tentacles holding your arms up, rubbing their large, penis-shaped heads as yet more tentacles slither over and penetrate your body...

[Trap -50 SP, 140 SP/300 SP]
[Trap -40 HP, 80 HP/120 HP]

Many hours, and fuckings, later...

Ready to receive the next fuck from your captors, you feel strange as your hands and knees touch cold, stone floor.

"Well that was fun to watch, but we could hardly let you stay there forever," spoke the amused demon-lady you met earlier. "Maybe you should take a rest, Kyla, Lord Seliau would not wish you to be left here forever with a lesser demon..."

"Why... why did you take me away," you panted, fingers diving up your much abused pussy, fucking yourself as the tentacles' cum poured out of you. "Put me back..."

The demon giggled, "Oh they really got you, didn't they Kyla? Well, let's speed up the healing process, hmm?"

She walked behind you, pulling your fingers from your raw privates and pressing her lips against the quivering folds, a long tongue pushing into you, sending you immediately into a powerful orgasm, you never want her to stop licking you, never want her to leave you...

With a gasp you viciously pull away from the demon, disgusted that you let another woman put her lips on you.

"There, it seems like you're back to normal," she said, standing and wiping tentacle sperm and your own arousal from her lips. "Here's your armor back... sorry its so messy, you need to learn how to dodge these traps in the future if you want to go back home."

You make a disgusted face at the cum-covered armor she presented you, silently admonishing yourself for letting those monsters have their way with you. Wincing at the warm wetness and squishy sounds putting the set back on made, you stand, weapons in hand, ready to move on...


Press forward or take a rest?

          Press forward.


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