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A Game of Demons | ZombieToph | 3


You decide to take a quick rest, breathing deeply as you sit against the wall.

[Resting +80 SP, 270 SP]
[Next fight difficulty: Difficult]

As you press on, you noticed that although some torches are lit, most are not and much of the dungeon tunnel is shrouded in shadow - a severe tactical disadvantage. While pondering this you come across an intersection, with paths forward, right and left.

There's a cold feel in the air to the forward path; your breath mists in the light breeze coming from down the dark corridor.

The right path smells strange, like the faint edges of a swamp, but intermingled with a sweet perfume-like scent.

The left path is the most well-lit but you don't like the feel of it; the bright tunnel seems too friendly and welcoming for a demon's dungeon.


Which path do you choose?

          The left path.

          The forward path.


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