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A Game of Demons | ZombieToph | 2


Listening intently to the sounds veiled behind the obscuring shadows, you rely only on your ears and let loose a arrow into the darkness.

[Enter Battle -30 SP, 200/300 SP]

A pained groan was heard as the arrow struck home - out of the darkness stumbled a large troll; ape-like in appearance, the troll growled at you, slamming its large arms into the ground in challenge.

"Okay you ugly beast," you hiss, readying another arrow. "Come and get it!"

It charge forward, you let fly your second arrow which pierces its shoulder but does little to slow the monster. With a great slam it throws you into a wall.

"Son of a -," you grunt, reacting quickly and pulling out your sword. The troll leaps towards you again - it grunts as your enchanted blade cuts through its thick hide, blood gurgling from its mouth as it slumps over, dead.

[Normal Battle -10 SP, 190/300 SP]
[Loot: 50 Gold, Stamina potion x1]

As you wipe off the troll's dark blue blood from your blade you're startled to hear clapping from behind you!

Spinning around, bow ready to fire, you behold a young woman, clad in red robes designed to reveal gratuitous amounts of cleavage, with silted eyes and red pupils. Steeling your gaze, you ready yourself for battle against the woman, who you know recognize as a demon.

She raises her hands, smirking, "You're quite the skilled adventurer, no? Not only do you so easily dispose of my pet but you still have enough of your wits about you to recognize me for what I am. Most impressive."

"Save your words, foul creature," you snarl, a moment away from setting an arrow to the demon's skull. "Yes, I know what you are. And you know that I cannot allow you to live!"

"Indeed," she answered, unfazed. "But you don't know who I am and so I have the advantage, Kyla. It was I who made the portal for you to find, because my master wishes to play a game... a game that I'm sure you'll enjoy, if you survive."

"What game," you ask, ready for any sudden movements.

The demon laughed, "Why, a game of pleasure, of course! Lord Seliau grows weary of the endless bloodshed of the Abyssal Kings and has offered you a chance to defeat several of his least, and most, dedicated minions. Survive the trials and you shall be granted an audience with his Lordship."

Stunned, you take a moment to consider what you know about the Abyssal Lord, Seliau Maaszet.

Of all the twenty three Kings of the Fading Abyss, Lord Seliau was always reported to be the least bloodthirsty - more prone in wars to us deceit and treachery than axe and spear.

"I see you are intrigued, so let me explain my Lord's game: You, Kyla, are trapped here until you reach Lord Seliau's throne room. This dungeon is only one part of Mizulan, and it is in this part that you will find most of your baser foes - foes like that troll you killed, animals.

"Since you so skillfully dispatched it, you may not have noticed the troll was in heat, and if you had been less decisive in your battle it would've raped you until it grew too exhausted to continue."

You gasp at this revelation - eyes darting to the troll's corpse where, previously unnoticed, its arm-long penis was draped over its leg. You shiver to imagine that beast having its way with you...

"All monsters you face will be more interested in mating with you than eating or harming you," the demon lady continues, smiling. "That isn't to say they wont use force to subdue you. Make your way through the hordes and Lord Seliau will reward you greatly."

You look back at the demon, chest heaving with shock, "How can I know I can trust you and Seliau?"

Here she laughed again, "You can't trust anything here, Kyla. This is a game for us... and you are the ultimate treasure."

She faded into the shadows, leaving you alone with only the dead troll for company.


Press onward or take a rest?

          Press onward.

          Take a rest.

          Press onward, use SP potion.


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