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A Game of Demons | ZombieToph | 2


Stamina Points (SP) is the primary stat value Kyla employs when fighting monsters. The higher her SP is the more she is able to resist attacks and defeat her enemies. Conversely - the lower her SP is the sloppier she becomes, given enemies more openings to subdue her. Note: every battle, before other factors are taken into account, will cause a -30 SP hit. Deciding to wait before moving forward will cause a +80 SP increase, but also cause a more difficult battle with Kyla's next monster (Traps do not cause the initial -30 SP hit). *NOTE: Bad decisions on Kyla's part may invalidate a high SP.

Hit Points (HP) is the stat which may only be affected after Kyla's SP is depleted by a monster; if subdued, the monster will do whatever it wants to Kyla, thus chipping away anywhere from 10 to 40 Hit Points before exhausting itself. If Kyla loses all her Hit Points she will never be able to leave the grasp of the attacking monster(s).

Will Power (WP) is a stat that is affected only during 'boss' battles. If a boss monster is able to overpower Kyla, Hit Points are not deducted and instead her current WP is lowered by 17 and she is allowed to regain 45 SP to continue the fight. If her WP at any time falls to 0 (example: being overwhelmed in a single battle three times) she will lose her sense of identity and remain a slave to the boss monster forever. Note: WP do not regenerate outside of battle; the only way to restore WP is by using a Phial of Butterfly Dust.

Armor Value (AV) is the stat that affects how quickly Kyla's SP falls, calculated at the start of the battle. There are three possible armor sets that Kyla may wear; the following will show how these sets affect SP:

*No Armor: Easy battle -10 SP hit, Normal battle -25 SP hit, Difficult battle -35 SP hit, Heroic battle -45 SP hit, Trap -50 SP/ -40 HP

*Basic Set: Easy battle 0 SP change, Normal battle -10 SP hit, Difficult battle -20 SP hit, Heroic battle -30 SP hit, Trap -50 SP/ -40 HP

*Adventure Set: Easy battle +5 SP increase, Normal battle -10 SP hit, Difficult battle -15 SP hit, Heroic battle -25 SP hit, Trap -30 SP/ -20 HP

*Lust Set: Easy battle +30 SP increase, Normal battle 0 SP change, Difficult battle -10 SP hit, Heroic battle -20 SP hit, Trap -10 SP/ 0 HP change

Conditions are results of battles or traps that have a lasting effect on Kyla until she finds a means to remove them.


*Exhausted - Kyla has dropped below 45 SP and is unable to move quickly or see clearly

*Cum Stained - Kyla is covered in cum, increasing boss monsters' WP attacks from 17 to 25

*Hell Fucked - Kyla is so broken from a previous rape that she cannot stomach restorative potions

*Emboldened - Kyla gains +10 SP after every battle

*Nymphomania - Kyla fights her battles using sex alone

Weapons provide the various means to attack monsters. Some monsters are weak to specific weapon styles, as described in the chart below:

*Sword: Effective against sturdy hide/armor, slower-moving monsters

*Bow: Effective against average hide/armor, at-range monsters

*Dagger: Effective against weak hide/armor, quicker-moving monsters

Auxiliary Items are various items acquired by Kyla that aid her outside of combat.

*Stamina potions restore 60 SP

*Bloodclotting potions restore all HP

*Phials of Butterfly Dust restore 25 WP

*Bribery items (used in combat) pacify a monster and lower the difficult of the next fight

Loot are items that Kyla has collected in her adventures which may be sold or bargained with the more 'agreeable' monsters in the dungeon. Loot can be picked off of defeated monsters, which scales with the battle difficultly, but the best loot can only be found through finding treasure chests.

Loot drop battle scales:

*Easy battle - 15 Gold, Sellable item

*Normal battle - 50 Gold, Auxiliary item

*Difficult battle - 150 Gold, Bribery item

*Heroic battle - 500 Gold, two Auxiliary items, two Bribery items

Traps are situations in which an SP check will be issued to determine what happens to Kyla in a dangerous situation, outside of battle. There are three responses to a Trap: 'Trap activated!' / 'Trap avoided' / 'Trap avoided (Expert)'

*Trap activated: Kyla has triggered the Trap and cannot avoid it

*Trap avoided: Kyla has avoided the Trap but may still be in danger

*Trap avoided (Expert): Kyla has avoided and neutralized the Trap

Trap Levels are:

*Level 1: SP must be greater than 150 to AVOID / 200 to AVOID (Expert)

*Level 2: SP must be greater than 200 to AVOID / 250 to AVOID (Expert)

*Level 3: SP must be greater than 220 to AVOID / 290 to AVOID (Expert)

*Demon Trap: Cannot be avoided UNLESS wearing Lust Armor Set; SP must be greater than 230 to AVOID / 290 to AVOID (Expert)


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