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A Game of Demons | ZombieToph | 1


As the intensely bright light slowly recedes, you cough at the muskiness of the air - you find yourself now in a dark, sparsely light stone corridor, perhaps underground because there are no windows to be seen.

The glowing purple pentagram you walked through hissed behind you before fading to a dull gray; touching the portal yields no passage back to Atter's Pit, the dungeon you were in the process of exploring for treasure before come here... wherever here is.

"That was real smart of you, Kyla," you admonish yourself, checking your reflection in a pool of water nearby. A young elf girl clad in leather armor looked back at you. You sniffed a bit at your exposed, flat stomach, not one in favor of your leatherworker's tastes but its all you've got and it has worked well so far.

Standing at 5'4" with a petite body, you are rather small for your race, the other elves back home constantly taunting you for your size, which perhaps has lead you into the life of dungeon delving and monster slaying - to prove your worth to the elders... to maybe one day be chosen for the highest of warrior honors; the Gathering of Masters, wherein you would be assigned to a great Master, to hone your skills beyond the realm of possibility, to stand as guardian eternal against the Fading Abyss.

But such thoughts were for another time as you took stock of yourself to ensure you lost nothing during the portal jump:

Stamina Points (SP): 230/300

Hit Points (HP): 120/120

Will Power (WP): 50/50

Armor Value (AV): Basic Set [Leather] - Chest, Legs, Arms, Hands, Feet

Weapons: Bow [Iron Arrows], Sword [+5% Burn damage], Dagger [Poisoned]

Auxiliary Items: Stamina potion [2], Bloodclotting potion [2], Wizard's Light [+5 feet visibility, reusable]

Loot: Gold Necklace [550 Gold], Book of Demons [5 Gold], Unidentified Rune [0 Gold], Crystal Figurine of an Human Female [250 Gold]

Satisfied that nothing was lost during transit, you crept warily down the dark passage, eyes and ears sharp for the sound of any roving monster that may happen across your path.

After the first corner you hear it - a light squishy sound from just ahead, hidden in the darkness just beyond the light of a wall torch.


What do you do next?

          *Explanation of stats*

          Fire an arrow into the shadows!


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