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.Secret Agent, Sarah Banks | deathofcards | 19


Sarah wondered how many of them there would be. It was quite a big drugs deal, she thought it would be quite possible that Lieto might have almost half a dozen men with him. She heard Pembleton's voice whispering into the radio. "Lieto and four armed men have entered the building. His men are all packing Ak47's, and I would guess some more weaponry as well. Two of them are heading off to the corridors on either side of lower storage room. Sarah and Cooper watch out."

Jack thought the deal was going to be taking place in the lower storage room, so Sarah thought that was more than likely where he was going to be staying. Sarah could hear faint footsteps out in the corridor, she heard the person, approaching slowly. She heard the noise the soles of his shoes were making, against the corridor. The man continued to walk down the corridor but came to a stop close to the door. From her vantage point, Sarah couldn't see anyone through the door's window. She could hear the man speaking, he sounded like he had a Bronx accent. Sarah heard him say 'all clear' into a radio of his own.

Sarah looked over her shoulder, trying to get a look into the room behind her. By the door she could see a stocky six-foot man, who was holding an assault rifle between his hands. He was surveying the room to make sure it was clear. He looked content with his observation so far but he gradually stepped into the room, to see if it was unoccupied. Sarah could see Cooper peering out from behind a crate, trying to see the man who was in the room with him.

Cooper pressed himself up against a crate, he held his gun tight in his hand and could feel his palms getting sweaty, as he was a little nervous. Slowly he looked out to one side and saw the man who was in the room. Carefully the man was checking the room to see if it was clear. Cooper saw that the he looked to be in his late twenties early thirties. He was dressed in a white shirt and black pants and looked to be fairly well built, clutched in his hands was an AK47 and clasped to the waistband of his pants was a small radio. The man came into the room and made his way past several crates, he was staring into the office where Sarah was.

Cooper was thankful that Sarah had hidden herself and was out of sight. Through the door Cooper could see another man, who had his back to the door and looked to be standing guard inside of the corridor. The man inside the room made his way over to some crates away from Cooper's position. Cooper stealthy moved from his own position and crept over to the far side of the crates the man stood by. He checked over his gun, making sure the silencer was attached properly.

Cooper saw that the man was just standing there, perhaps reading the label on the crate in front of him. Silently, Cooper moved round so he was on the opposite side of the crates to where the man was standing. Cooper looked up from behind the crate to check the office again, he couldn't see Sarah and noticed the guy who had been on the other side of the door had moved. Cooper crouched back down and crawled further around the crates, the man was only a few feet away from him and as of yet hadn't noticed Cooper's approach.

Cooper stayed there for a moment clenching the gun tightly, waiting for the right moment to take the guy down. He crept slowly a little further, moving with the utmost care and poise, all of his academy training working for him. Cooper slowly stood up and flipped the gun around in his hand, so that the handle was pointing outwards. Cooper moved closer to Lieto's man, and brought his hand up. He quickly brought the handle of the Desert Eagle down on the back of the guy's head. There was a slight thud and the guy started to lurch forward, Cooper grabbed him before he hit the floor. He quickly laid the guy down on the warehouse floor, so his face was on the floor. Cooper took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed the man's wrists together, and took the Ak47 from him. Cooper slung it over his shoulder.

Suddenly the radio in Cooper's ear was filled with gunfire, he heard a woman cry out and instinctively turned to look at the office. To his relief Cooper saw that Sarah was safe but that could only mean one thing. He heard Jack's familiar voice, however it was also alien to him. Jack had never sounded so shaken,"Pembleton's been hit, she's down. We need to engage now!"


What Happens Next?

          Pendrell gets shot


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