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Fuck the Disney girls | twizted77 | 9


You step through the door and into a penthouse apartment in New York City. You step into the apartment and an elevator door dings closed behind you. A staircase leads up from the main floor, and at the top of it is a young woman with red hair. She is wearing an elegant short black dress and a diamond tiara. You recognize the outfit. Jessie wore it in an episode of her show, Jessie.

"Hey Jessie," you say, a little embarassed to quote a line from the theme song.

"I've been waiting for you," Jessie replies. There's a slight Texas twang to her voice. She starts down the stairs and you admire her firm young legs. You can't remember the dress on the show being so tight. "Bertram took the kids to the park, so we have the place all to ourselves. You want to watch a movie?"

Thats actually the last thing you want to do, but she takes you by the hand and you follow. Jessie leads you into the home theater. A porn is playing in high def with surround sound. She pushes you into a seat and is at once unfastening your pants. She pulls out your swelling cock and takes it in her hot nineteen year olld mouth. After just a moment you are at full attention. She stands and pulls up her dress, revealing her red, unshaved pussy. She stradles you and slides down onto your cock.


whats next?


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