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A Busty Chicks Awesome Day | twizted77 | 3


Just as I got to the exit of the park I saw a group of teenage boys standing on the basketball court staring at me. It was clear they had seen me in action and enjoyed the show. I smiled at the three of them and they all nervously waved back. I hiked the front of my skirt up, giving them a view of my dripping pussy.

As I approached I gave them a quick once over. The one holding the ball was a black boy with a huge hardon showing through his shorts. He was very athletic looking and cute. Actually all four of them were good looking, but he had my attention. I'd never had a black guy and I wondered if the rumors were true. From the look of his shorts I thought they were.

"Hi boys," I said. I introduced myself and so did they. Calvin was the black guy. The other three were Billy, Rick and Nick.


What ever should I do?

          Make the an offer they wouldn't refuse


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